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Photos from Worlds 2006 Frankfurt

Ianek at Worlds 2006   (0.35M)
picnic in Potsdam   (0.35M)
playing with a swan   (0.27M)
everybody in Potsdam
sightseeing Berlin   (0.31M)
our guide in Berlin
playing golf in Berlin   (0.30M)
during sightseeing in Berlin   (0.25M)
film evening in Berlin   (0.29M)
tricks are in their heads   (0.26M)
Gosia - shred in the park   (0.42M)
Gosia Oledzka - shred in the park   (0.42M)
Matthias - shred in the park   (0.41M)
Wiktor and Ianek - shred in the park   (0.29M)
Stefan - stretching after shred   (0.43M)
Gosia and Dexter
Tom - juggling
Wiktor and Daniel   (0.29M)
Hanna - shred   (0.42M)
Michal and Matthias   (0.25M)
Paul - shred   (0.38M)
Michal and Tom
Fine, Denise, Hanna, Gosia - shred   (0.28M)
Denise, Hanna, Gosia - circle contest in Berlin   (0.25M)
Karolina and Kamil - arriving in Frankfurt   (0.44M)
Polish crew in Frankfurt - first day   (0.28M)
Wiktor and Max thinking...   (0.27M)
Gosia and Tomek - doubles freestyle   (0.43M)
Denise and Hanna - doubles freestyle   (0.26M)
Hania and Gosia - doubles freestyle   (0.26M)
Gosia and Wiktor - doubles freestyle   (0.29M)
two Damians - doubles freestyle   (0.28M)
Michal and Tomek - doubles freestyle   (0.26M)
Gosia Oledzka - routine
Denise - routine   (0.26M)
Hanna - routine   (0.25M)
Karolina - routine   (0.27M)
girls at worlds   (0.28M)
Dexter and judges   (0.27M)
audience   (0.30M)
Karolina, Hania, Gosia and Damian   (0.28M)
Wojtas - the superman   (0.35M)
Damian and Serge   (0.28M)
a tree   (0.29M)
Damian, Wiktor and Gosia
Hania and Ales   (0.40M)
Kamil - circle contest   (0.30M)
Hanna and Damian   (0.41M)
Hanna and Damian - doubles freestyle   (0.30M)
circle contest at worlds   (0.29M)
Denise, Hanna and Gosia   (0.29M)
judges   (0.27M)
audience - Austrian girls and Damian   (0.30M)
Florian - net   (0.39M)
Tomek   (0.37M)
the oldest lavers at worlds   (0.35M)
standing on heads   (0.27M)
Wiktor and Tuukka with his girlfriend
juggling circle   (0.30M)
Hania and Gosia - finals   (0.29M)
Hania and Gosia - finals 2
Gosia and Wiktor - finals   (0.28M)
Gosia and Wiktor - finals 2   (0.31M)
Gosia and Wiktor - finals 3
Olaf - finals   (0.35M)
Szymon - finals   (0.35M)
Damian - finals   (0.33M)
Szymon and Olaf - finals
two Damians - finals
Pavel and Dexter - finals
Gosia - finals
Karolina - finals
Karolina, Gosia, Kamil - after party
Gosia, Serge, Daryl - after party
Gosia Oledzka, Hania, Verena - after party
Claire and two Michals - after party
Serge and Ianek juggling   (0.25M)
Hania - the superwoman   (0.38M)
Wiktor and Michal Biarda   (0.35M)
Denise and JF in love   (0.41M)

Copyright © Gosia Nycz 2006

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