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This is the personal gallery of Wiktor Debski.

Wiktor Dębski Special Shred
Indoor Sessions - Winter 2005/2006. Video by Wiktor Debski.
Footbag&Streetball in Warsaw
08.05.2004. Video by Wiktor Debski.
Polish Footbag Championships 2004
Polish Footbag Championships 2004 Slupsk. . Video by Wiktor Debski.
Wilanow FC and Wonder Twins
Clip from small performance during graffiti jam in Warsaw. Video by Wiktor Debski.
Wilanow Cup 2004
A new teaser to Wilanow Cup 2004. . Video by Wiktor Debski.
Soft Sport Productions
Warsaw Shred Videos
Spring Shred by Wilanow FC
The first shred outdoors this year. 25.03.05. . Video by Wiktor Debski.
Polish Routines from Worlds 2005
Some routines of polish players at IFPA World Footbag Championships 2005, Helsinki. Video by Wiktor Debski.
Footbag Photos
Single Tricks
Warsaw Championships 2005
02.09.2005 Harlem Club, Warsaw. . Video by Wiktor Deski.
Wilanow Cup 2005
PSF Polish Championships 2005
Some videos from Polish Championships 2005, which took place in Szczecin. . Video by Wiktor Debski.
Footbag Mania 2006
Top 3 routines from Open single freestyle. . Video by Wiktor Debski.
Wilanow Footbag Show at Palladium
Photos from footbag show during hiphop-freestyle-battle (`Wielka Bitwa Warszawska`) at Palladium Club in Warsaw. Great club atmosphere with lots of people and rap music. . Photo by Wiktor Debski.
Lausanne 2006 by Wiktor Dębski
IFPA European Footbag Championships 2006 Lausanne. My production for Worlds 2006 Video Challenge. 2nd Place. Video by Wiktor Debski.
Photos from Worlds 2006 Frankfurt
Videos from Worlds 2006 Frankfurt
SSF Ustka 2006 - Zoska Dla Kazdego
Wilanow Cup 2006
The biggest footbag tournament in Warsaw, Poland. 16.09.2006. Video by Wiktor Debski.
Zocha Jam 2006
Some videos from the biggest polish footbag event! . Video by Wiktor Debski.
Footbag Performance in Wilanow
World Champions Gosia Nycz and Wiktor Debski preforming at big cultural festival in Warsaw. . Video by Wiktor Debski.
IFPA Euros 2007 in Vienna
9th IFPA European Footbag Championships 2007. Video by Wiktor Debski.
Footage from the biggest footbag tournament in Warsaw. . Video by Wiktor Debski.
IFPA Choreographed Freestyle Event
Video from IFPA World Footbag Championships 2007. Judges meeting with Steve Goldberg - Freestyle Director. Video by Steve Goldberg.
Zocha Jam 2007
Videos from the biggest polish IFPA Tournament - ZochaJam 2007, Wroclaw. Video by Wiktor Debski.
Doubles Freestyle Shred Videos
Todexon 9
Some videos from Todexon9 - Prague 2009. Video by Wiktor Debski.
Photos from IFPA Wilanow Cup 2010
More photos at: Photo by Wiktor Debski.
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