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What shoes do people play freestyle footbag with?

This is one of the most common questions we get. The answer is complicated, but to keep this FAQ useful, we'll keep it straightforward by giving you fewer options, not more. :-)

Adidas Rod LaverTM

Absolutely the most popular among advanced players, this shoe makes the sport really fun. It's light, has a good sole, and because it's made of mesh and styled with an "open toe" design, it's perfect for doing stalls. Just see our FAQ section on modifying and lacing your Rod Lavers and you're ready to roll.

Everyone always asks us where to get these shoes locally, and people constantly write in to say they've heard this shoe has been discontinued. The answer is that adidas still makes this shoe, and has no plans to discontinue it -- although it is very hard to find in stores. The best way to buy it is online, and of course we recommend the World Footbag Association's FootMART online catalog. If you live in some areas, such as Canada, the popular myth is that the shoe has been discontinued just because it's no longer available in stores. Don't let that stop you. Order your pair now and watch your game improve.

Adidas Rod Laver Millennium

Recently, adidas came out with an upgraded version of the Rod Laver, for a limited time (we're not sure how limited). It's called the "Millennium" Laver, and basically represents some changes to improve on the classic. For the most part, these improvements are good for footbag (they're lighter, have better arch support, etc.) -- however, the inside surface (where we do inside stalls and clipper delays) is cut away. This means unless you are ready to shoe-goo yourself a nice ridge, you may find the old classic Laver a better fit for your style. As we get more reports, we'll update this faq -- for now, it seems the Millennium Laver is only worn by a small percentage of advanced players, and the jury is still out. But if you can find a pair of Millenniums and can't get the original, we recommend you give them a try!

Teva Sport Sandal

Some players are die-hard Teva fans, and we know why: the stalling surfaces are excellent (because there isn't anything to get in the way of your toes and feet!). It's really a matter of personal preference -- those who like this shoe do sometimes complain that they don't give enough side-to-side support, and of course footbag players don't like to look like geeks, which wearing socks with your Tevas can do to you. :-)

There are certainly other shoes, but the above are the most popular among people who attend festivals and competitions. The Rod Laver is still hands-down the single most popular shoe among advanced freestylers.

Entry last updated by Steve Goldberg on 15-Mar-2000.
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