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Frequently-Asked Questions

Where can I buy a good footbag, and which kind should I get?

This is probably the most common question we get. Unfortunately, the answers are not simple -- this is one of the reasons this service was created. There are many different kinds of footbags and they are made of different types of materials, sewn (or otherwise constructed) in various ways, and filled with various types of filling; and not a lot of stores carry a wide variety of footbags.

Which footbag you buy depends a lot on what you want to do with it (i.e., play freestyle, net, golf, or just kick it), what you're used to, what kind of shoes you wear, and on, and on. The best thing we can tell you is to look at a large variety before buying, and to read our on-line Footbag Guide before purchasing a bag.

Where to buy a footbag is still unfortunately hard to answer. Many sporting goods stores (especially the larger chains) carry the well-known brands of footbags (such as the Hacky Sack and Sipa Sipa products), and the new Adidas footbag is starting to show up in many places. However, the best place to find a wide variety of footbags is still through mail-order. See our on-line Footbag Guide for more information on some of the more prominent footbag retailers we're aware of.

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Entry last updated by Steve Goldberg on 3-Jan-2000.
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