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I know about "Jester", but what other freestyle moves are there?

Actually, "Jester" is the street name for "Flying Clipper", as it is called in the advanced freestyle community. Advanced freestylers don't really use the term "Jester", which seems to have been created and popularized by an early video game called "California Games", which contained a basic footbag game.

Obviously, players couldn't get very far if they didn't come up with a way of naming the moves in freestyle. The rules for the judging system in competitive freestyle are complicated, and based on the components that go into executing a particular move. So if there weren't a way to identify each move by name, rules, analysis, judging, and instruction would be even more difficult.

So, what are some moves? A lot of the players in the footbag community have contributed to a very large list along with detailed descriptions of how to execute them for certain specific moves that we think are important for learning other moves. This FREESTYLE MOVES LIST is a constantly-evolving "database", incorporating many of the more common freestyle moves agreed-upon by many of the top players. They are organized in rough order of difficulty as is described in the list itself. Please don't treat this list as "official" -- it is certainly full of holes and most likely contains mistakes as there is a lot of information in the list. The beginner would do well to focus on the first ten or twelve tricks and, after mastering them, return to see if the list has changed before continuing.

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Entry last updated by Steve Goldberg on 30-Oct-1999.
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