Footbag FAQ: Freestyle

Frequently-Asked Questions


  1. What is "freestyle" footbag? Isn't that just "hack"?
    Yes, basically, "freestyle footbag" is just another name for the sport that has evolved from "hacking" in a circle. The game of kicking a footbag around a circle is still the single most dominant form of the game in the world. In freestyle competitions, players choreograph routines to music, ... -->full answer
  2. I know about "Jester", but what other freestyle moves are there?
    Actually, "Jester" is the street name for "Flying Clipper", as it is called in the advanced freestyle community. Advanced freestylers don't really use the term "Jester", which seems to have been created and popularized by an early video game called "California Games", which contained a basic fo... -->full answer
  3. How can I really learn this sport? Can this website teach me?
    We wouldn't be honest if we said you could really learn online, but you can definitely get a long way. While the Internet helps us spread the word and disseminate basic information about the sport, the best way to learn is to be taught by other people. There is no substitute for a good teache... -->full answer
  4. What is the difference between "footbag" and "hacky sack"?
    Footbag is the name of the sport about which this entire website is devoted. You can find a quick overview of the sport by looking at the Sport of Footbag page. "Hacky Sack" is actually a trademark of Wham-O, Inc., which also happens to be the worst footbag manufacturer. Though most people ref... -->full answer
  5. What shoes do people play freestyle footbag with?
    This is one of the most common questions we get. The answer is complicated, but to keep this FAQ useful, we'll keep it straightforward by giving you fewer options, not more. :-) Adidas Rod LaverTM Absolutely the most popular among advanced players, this shoe makes the sport really fun. It's li... -->full answer
  6. Do I really need special shoes to play freestyle?
    Absolutely. The shoes you wear (and the support and surfaces they provide you) are just as important as the type of footbag you play with. If you don't have the right equipment in any sport, you can become frustrated very quickly. There is little controversy among advanced freestyle players w... -->full answer
  7. How do I lace and modify my Rod Laver shoes for freestyle?
    There are actually several different ways to make your Rod Lavers into the perfect freestyle shoe, depending on your taste and level of ability. The information below is meant as an example of how some players modify their shoes. Feel free to experiment with different lacing techniques to open the t... -->full answer
  8. How can I make my own footbag?
    It's all about patterns -- there is an on-line Footbag Pattern FAQ compiled by Eric Tiffany. You can also discuss making your own footbag on the Footbag Forum.
  9. Where can I buy a good footbag, and which kind should I get?
    This is probably the most common question we get. Unfortunately, the answers are not simple -- this is one of the reasons this service was created. There are many different kinds of footbags and they are made of different types of materials, sewn (or otherwise constructed) in various ways, and ... -->full answer
  10. How should I break in my new footbag so it stalls easily?
    The answer to this question depends on which type of footbag you bought. We have not tested a lot of different brands, but, in general, the best way to break in a footbag is to knead it in your hands and kick with it a lot until it becomes softer and easier to control. It seems to be a general ... -->full answer
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