Footbag FAQ: Advanced Freestyle

Frequently-Asked Questions

Advanced Freestyle

  1. What is all this "op in [dex]..." stuff about?
    Because a lot of the discussion around freestyle takes place over e-mail (since freestylers are spread out all over the world), an early member of the freestyle discussion list, Ben Job, came up with a notation for writing down tricks in e-mail. (It was actually for an assignment in a college course... -->full answer
  2. What does "paradox" mean?
    Paradox is both a concept (used in describing a certain class of freestyle move) and an add category (a 6th add category because the 5 existing categories simply aren't sufficient to describe all types of difficulty). The first thing to do to understand "paradox" is to look at one of the basic... -->full answer
  3. What was the original Jobs Notation proposal?
    The following is the original message that kicked off (pun intended) the very first use of Ben Job's notation for describing freestyle moves. Ben's hopes at the time were to make a move list by combining the different concepts on paper instead of getting bogged down in move names and complex descrip... -->full answer
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