In its simplest form, players only need a footbag. But the avid footbag player may want to invest in well-suited shoes, special-purpose footbags, and even a footbag net set.

Footbags - footbags come in many shapes and types, and it is very important to pick the right type of footbag for the specific activity you are interested in. This page contains an overview of different types of footbags, as well as information on obtaining footbags (including product recommendations).

Shoes - shoes are very important, as the wrong type of shoe may make it very difficult to enjoy playing footbag. This page has information on the various types of shoes players use, and the things you should look for when choosing shoes to play with.
Nets - footbag net can be very fun, and is fairly accessible to the beginning player. This page describes the net court layout, and tells you how you can build your own net, as well as how to buy a net set specially made for playing footbag.


The governing body for the sport of footbag is the International Footbag Advisory Board (IFAB). IFAB is an organization of players and other members in areas where footbag is played around the world. Each year, the IFAB convenes after the World Championships to consider and adopt changes to the Rules of Footbag Sports, and publishes this rule book for a nominal price through the World Footbag Association.
The IFAB Rulebook is on-line!


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