Freestyle Shoes

Most expert freestylers agree that the best shoes for freestyle have flat, soft surfaces on the tops and sides, and are made mostly of a nylon mesh. The current favorite of competitive freestylers is the Adidas® Rod Laver (TM), available in many tennis shoe stores, or from the World Footbag Association.

Another popular freestyle shoe is the Super Ashe(TM), made by Le Coq Sportif. Unfortunately, Le Coq has discontinued this shoe, though it is still possible to find around.

Not all competitive or advanced freestylers use the mesh-top shoes, however. Another very popular shoe among freestylers is the Teva ® Sport Sandal, which makes many tricks using the instep much easier because of the positioning of the strap on the side, leaving a nice "bucket" for inside delays. It also allows freestylers to feel exactly what they are doing, and to use their own toes (instead of the front of a shoe) for many moves.

CLICK HERE for information on lacing your shoes for freestyle.

Net Shoes

Most net players use the Nike ® Air Cross-Trainer ("TW" model preferred), or similar shoe, with solid but flat insteps and outsides, as well as a firm, slightly rounded toe. The next most important thing is traction -- a good sole is a must for the shoe. Many serious net players cut up mountain-bike tires into strips and sew them onto the soles of their shoes for added traction.


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