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World Footbag Championships

29th IFPA World Footbag Championships takes once again place in the wonderful heart of Europe in the city of thousand towers – Prague. This annual gathering brings together our big footbag family from all around the globe for a week of fun, sport and unforgettable memories that last forever.

More than 220 competitors were caught away by Prague’s first Worlds in 2003 on the Slavia Stadium. After 5 years we are proud to host at least as many of you as on that historical year when Europe got stroked by a wave of footbag fever. We will do your best to make this event another historical moment in our beloved sport.

Once again we have chosen a venue that will host Net and Freestyle events together on one field. Additionally we will have European Freestyle Frisbee Championships joining our finals day show on Saturday. All accommodation structures will be in no more than 1000 m range from the event site which we believe is one of big advantages of the location which is no more than 10 minutes walk from the Prague Castle.

Net players will have the best possible grass field in the whole Prague and Freestylers will compete in an arena like structure on tartan surface. Catering and chill-out zone is ready for everyone directly on the playground. We believe we chose wisely and that all participants will have a great time. Lets Rock and Roll!

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Web launched!

Official World Footbag Championships 2008 web was just launched. Please excuse temporary mistakes and lack of information. We are working very hard to improve!


Take a look at the possibilities of accommodation in prague. Tournament prices being still negotiated.

Don´t know footbag?

Footbag is a growing sport, originating in North America, though the sport is now played all over the world. Frequently referred to as "Hacky Sack®" (the registered trademark for a product manufactured by Wham-O, Inc.), footbag has existed as a competitive sport in several forms since 1972. more..