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One thing I always suggest doing... more Grant Mooney August 6, 2006
This is how I visualize clipper ... more Dat Phan May 21, 2006
Bending the support leg is the t... more Mark Romanin November 1, 2004
im still working on this, but he... more Eric Bennetts October 13, 2004
Ok this also took me a while to ... more Jordan Wong September 22, 2003
The key to this move is getting ... more Dave Mennenoh June 16, 2002
Be sure to keep the bag close to... more Matt Moskal June 13, 2002
Despite what you may think you d... more Nate Linscott June 11, 2002
Just like any other stall, bend ... more James Markus May 17, 2002
what i suggest is to bend your k... more Ricky Abbud April 16, 2002
what i suggest is to bend your k... more Ricky Abbud April 16, 2002
Make sure your ankle can ben... more Carl Neumann December 13, 2001
just try it, once you can do an ... more John Suderman December 5, 2001
To do this very well, you must d... more Mike Nodi November 10, 2001
Ok, this isn't much of a tip, bu... more Jordan Wehrman October 13, 2001
I've found an easy way to learn ... more Casey Truelove February 22, 2001
The clipper delay is something t... more Mark Niemi January 26, 2001
It helped me to do walk-overs fi... more Mike McWilliams November 1, 2000
Hi, I have lots of trouble wit... more Dan Ednie October 24, 2000
There is no doubt that the clipp... more Michael Del Borrello August 21, 2000
If you've read any of my other t... more Mark Wride February 2, 2000
This helped me learn clipper del... more Ariel Santesteban December 2, 1999
Hint: Delay the bag by bending ... more Matt Wafaie November 7, 1999
The clipper delay is a cross bod... more Derric Scalf November 2, 1999
You must master this move before... more Steve Goldberg November 1, 1999
you gotta bounce when you do it,... more Sean Lane October 24, 1999

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