Footbag Move List: Mirage

Symposium Mirage


Add count: 3
Add categories: [bod] [dex] [del]

Jobs' notation:

SET > (no plant while) OP IN [BOD] [DEX] > OP TOE [DEL]


E.g., from a right toe delay- jump hard off the support leg and over the footbag when it's falling down. Scoop the footbag up before it hits the ground with the setting foot which never touches the ground.

Member Tips:

  • I could never hit this ...
        -Stephen Bigelow
  • If you still got much p...
        -Richard Vock
  • I find it easier to set...
        -Byrin Wylie
  • I found that this move ...
        -Ryan McKillip
  • You do not plant your n...
        -Yacine Merzouk
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  • Last modified: Oct 21, 1999

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