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A miraging clipper delay. From a clipper- quickly plant the setting leg and bring the support leg over the bag from in to out and in one motion- keeping this leg close to the other leg- into a clipper delay on the other side. Or, setting from left toe, quickly plant the left leg and bring the right leg up and around the bag from in to out. Turn slightly in the direction of the dexterity (in this case, to the right) to help bring the right foot back around into the cross body position to end the move on a right foot clipper delay.

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  • remember that if you se...
        -Richard Vock
  • The key to the drifter ...
        -Nate Linscott
  • To me, the drifter is e...
        -Josh Owens
  • do drifter exactly like...
        -Fabian Kollakowski

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    Drifter (Carol Wedemeyer)
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    Last modified: Oct 17, 2001

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