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Paradox Drifter


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The setting leg does all the work in this move. Eg. From a right clipper- set the bag around waist height. Now quickly- without ever putting the right foot down- jump and bring the right leg around the support leg and around the bag completing the 'S' shape- and back to catch the footbag on a right clipper delay.

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  • There are really two wa...
        -Neil Bornstein
  • Set the bag about waist...
        -Andrew McCargar
  • Ah! Paradox Drifter... ...
        -Yacine Merzouk

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  • Video demonstrations:

    Paradox Drifter (Carol Wedemeyer)
    Click here if window doesn't show.

    Paradox Drifter (Ales Zelinka)

    Last modified: Jan 17, 2004

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