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This trick took me about an hour... more Grant Mooney July 12, 2006
I seen this done and figured id ... more Richard Passero November 18, 2004
It took me about a year of not s... more John Mark Rhoades November 5, 2004
Ok I spent a good hour practicin... more Shawn Boyle July 19, 2004
it helps if you can watch yourse... more Brian Lally October 30, 2003
With this technique i mastered t... more Caleb Abraham April 14, 2001
This is one of my favorite trick... more Rene Prefontaine March 22, 2001
Really an easy move if you just ... more Thomas Duddy August 27, 2000
This is one of those moves that ... more Mark Wride April 20, 2000
You don't have to see the footba... more Thomas LaBeff December 4, 1999

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