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Tips for Around the World Kick

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These guys have the right idea. ... more Mark Romanin October 30, 2004
Rember to lift the knee insted o... more Joe Coleman December 18, 2003
I agree I found this trick quite... more Jeff Mullan May 26, 2003
This trick isn't particularly di... more Douglas White September 14, 2001
The key is to be relaxed and not... more Andy Gerragauch July 4, 2001
As with a lot of dex tricks, bal... more Tarun Chaffey April 1, 2001
Steve's right. This move won't ... more Mark Wride February 2, 2000
Don't waste your time with this ... more Steve Goldberg November 1, 1999
Circle the footbag with your LEG... more Erik Chan November 1, 1999
Just bend your support leg at th... more Del Centeno November 1, 1999

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