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The sport of footbag has been growing across the world like never before. Seeing the need to expand the IFPA committee environment will allow the world to expand at a greater and more efficient way. International organizations need local ambassadors to manage membership and event coordination. Because of the path taken by the evolution of footbag, what started as the USA associations turned into the international association, which left the USA without organization. This concept stops here. Now there will be committees to help drive footbag across all parts of the world.

The IFPA is looking for members and event organizers who want to be founding members of the World Regional Committee. I am looking for dedicated footbag promoters in each region of the world to step up and join this group. We have a long process in front of us to complete this puzzle, but let's start here.

IFPA's goal is to grow footbag sports to the point where we become Olympic eligible. To reach this goal we will need 145 Countries with Official Footbag Associations or Federations participating in globule competition. The IFPA World Regional Committees will be responsible for expanding Footbag Sports and forming credible governing bodies.

The one Director from each region will sit on the World Regional Committee board and act as a communication center for the footbag world's voice.

The development of the World Reional Series of events will be possible once our committees are formed and regional championships established.

Join your World Regional group by contacting

For details and maps: click here.

IFPA World Regional Footbag Committees:

  • European Footbag Committee
  • Asia Footbag Committee
  • North American Footbag Committee
  • South American Footbag Committee
  • Pacific Footbag Committee
  • African Footbag Committee
  • Middle East Footbag Committee

    Responsibilities will include:

    1. The new committees are responsible for the oversight and development of footbag specifically within their regions.
    2. Actively assist countries in their region to develop footbag federations.
    3. Identify needs for future growth and expansion of footbag sports within their local cultures.
    4. Responsible for annual IFPA Regional Footbag Championships in each region.
    5. Support of development of National Championships with in their region.
    6. Each Committee will have an elected chairperson and Board of Directors.
    7. Responsible for coordinating with the world through the IFPA regulations.
    8. Annual report to IFPA Directors on membership and tournament activity.
    9. Responsible for Regional Membership administration.
    10. Development of IFPA Sanctioning with in their region.

    Group Members

  • Chris Ott (USA) IFPA Marketing Director

  • Carlos Márquez (Venezuela) South America

  • Ali Dastrandj (Austria) European

  • Dyalan Govender (Australia) Pacific

    Available Files:
    Name: Owner: Status:
    World Regions.pdf Chris Ott public
    IFPA Brochure-4.pdf Chris Ott public
    IFPA 5 year plan, 2006.pdf Chris Ott public
    School flyer.pdf Chris Ott public

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