List of Sets for Freestyle Moves

Freestyle Sets

The "new school" of freestyle involves a tremendous number of moves which are essentially variants of older moves, where the player performs additional difficulty (e.g., dexterities and spins) while the footbag is on its way up (at the beginning of a move, just after the set) before performing the remainder of the move. In the "old days", most tricks (but not all) were done with the bag on its way down.

There's a name for almost every trick you can possibly do with the bag while it's on its way down. Since the explosion of the concept of "prefix" tricks -- e.g., tricks on the way up -- freestylers have begun to refer to new school moves using one of quite a few prefixes to denote almost entirely separable motions done with the bag on the way up, before doing an otherwise standard trick on the way down.

Below is a list of most of the currently used terms for tricks on the way up -- these act as prefixes that can be put in front of trick names to indicate the more complicated versions as described below. Because these are done on the way up, in many cases not affecting the fundamental execution of the trick on the way down, most freestylers think of these as "sets".

This list was compiled with much effort by Chris Holden on the freestyle discussion list. Many thanks go not only to Chris but to all those who have contributed to it. Please send corrections or updates directly to Chris so he can help maintain this list. We will keep it in synch here whenever it is updated. To contact Chris, see his member profile.

Pixie: TOE > SAME IN [DEX] >
Fairy: TOE > SAME OUT [DEX] >
Nuclear: CLIP > SAME OUT >
Miraging: SET > OP IN [DEX] >
Stepping: CLIP > OP IN [DEX] >
Quantum : TOE > OP IN [DEX] > (op side component)
Slapping: TOE > OP IN [DEX] > (same side component)
Bubba: CLIP > OP OUT [DEX] >
Atomic (Toe set Illusion): TOE > OP OUT [DEX] > (op side component)
Tapping (Atomic same side): TOE > OP OUT [DEX] (plant) > (same side component)
Terraging (Double Pixie): TOE > SAME IN [DEX] > SAME IN [DEX] >
Barraging (High Stepping): CLIP > OP IN [DEX] > SAME IN [DEX] >
Sailing (Pixie Illusion): TOE > SAME IN [DEX] > OP OUT [DEX] >
Blurry (Stepping Paradox): CLIP > OP IN [DEX] > OP OUT [DEX] > (op side component)
Frantic (pixie-quantum): TOE > SAME IN [DEX] > OP IN [DEX] >
Flailing (Symposium Reverse Miraging): SET > (no plant while) OP OUT [BOD] [DEX] >
Fairy Atomic: TOE > SAME OUT [DEX] > OP OUT [DEX] >
Shooting (Stepping Paradox Illusion): CLIP > OP IN [DEX] > OP OUT [PDX][DEX] >
Furious (Barraging Paradox Miraging): CLIP > OP IN [DEX] > SAME IN [DEX] > OP IN [DEX] >

Infracting: opposite of a Refraction, done as a set.

Fairy Spinning: TOE > SAME OUT [DEX] > (BACK) SPIN [BOD] >
Pixie Inspinning: TOE > SAME IN [DEX] > (FRONT) SPIN [BOD] >
Sonic (double spinning): CLIP > (BACK) SPIN [BOD] > (BACK) SPIN [BOD] >
Peeking (double spinning): SET > (BACK) SPIN [BOD] > (BACK) SPIN [BOD] >
Leaning (stepping inspinning): CLIP > OP IN [DEX] > (front) SPIN [BOD] >
Go-Go (stepping backspinning): CLIP > OP IN [DEX] > (back) spin [bod] >
Surging (spinning miraging): SET > (BACK/FRONT) SPIN [BOD] > OP IN [DEX] >
Twinspinning (nuclear inspinning): CLIP > SAME OUT [DEX] > (FRONT) SPIN [BOD] >
Neutron (Atomic spin): TOE > OP OUT [DEX] > (BACK) SPIN [BOD] > (op side component)

Whirling: CLIP > OP IN [DEX] > (same side component)
Blazing: CLIP > OP IN [DEX] > (op side component)
Scattered (Reverse Whirling): CLIP > OP OUT [DEX] > (same side component)
Shattered (Reverse Whirling): CLIP > OP OUT [DEX] > (op side component)
Pogo (Symposium Whirling): CLIP > (no plant while) OP IN [DEX] >
Blistering (Whirling Gyro): CLIP > OP IN [DEX] > (BACK) SPIN [BOD] >
*Broken (clipper reverse whirl): CLIP > OP OUT [DEX] > (SAME)
*(clipper reverse whirl spinning): CLIP > OP OUT [DEX] > (BACK) SPIN [BOD] >

UNS set:
Finchy (Pinching Fairy set): PINCH > SAME OUT [DEX] >
Pixie Pinching: PINCH > SAME IN [DEX] >
Twisted (Dragon set Swirling Paradox): DRAGON > SAME FRONT SWIRL [DEX] > SAME IN/OUT [PDX][DEX] >
Snapping (Dragon set Swirling): DRAGON > SAME FRONT SWIRL [DEX] >
Arctic (frigidosis Pixie): FRIGIDOSIS > SAME IN [DEX] >

Rooting/Rooted: The setting foot is on the ground (antisymposium)
Zoid: rooted toe clipper set

Components of sets, but not neccesssarily sets:
Ducking: SET > DUCK [BOD] >
Diving: SET > DIVE [BOD] >
Spinning: SET > (BACK) SPIN [BOD] >
Inspinning: SET > (FRONT) SPIN [BOD] >
Gyro: CLIP > (BACK) SPIN [BOD] > (same dex component)

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