Footbag Hall of Fame

"...if the sport really catches on, there soon may be Hacky Sack Superstars, a Hacky Sack world series and a Hacky Sack hall of fame."

Newsweek Magazine - May 22, 1978

Footbag has had many Superstars.

The World Footbag Championships have been Footbag's World Series for nearly 20 years.

And, on August 10, Footbag will see the induction of 17 pioneers of the sport as charter members of the Footbag Hall of Fame.

In celebration of this "coming of age" event, Sole Purpose Footbag Club is hosting a Black Tie Dinner on Sunday evening August 11th, before the World Footbag Championships. The 17 inaugural members of the Hall of Fame made contributions to the sport that made it possible for all of us to enjoy the game today. Thay have never received the recognition or credit they deserve. And while this Hall of Fame celebration cannot adequately recognize their efforts, it is the best opportunity the current player community has ever had to show its respects and gratitude to these great pioneers of the game.

The Hall of Fame Dinner will feature a Footbag museum assembled from the private collections of legends of the game like - John Stalberger, Ted Huff, Lori Jean Conover, Mag Hughes, Linda Marshall, Jeff Johnson, Jim "Toes" Fitzgerald, Reed Gray, Dennis Ross, and Kenny Shults. Some highlights from this combined collection include -

  1. Every National Hacky Sack Association and World Footbag Association Newsletter/Magazine starting with Volume 1, #1 of Footbag Feedback published in 1977 and continuing through every single issue of Footbag Feedback, Just for Kicks, Kicker's Kronicle, and Footbag World.

  2. Every World Championship Tournament Program from the 1980 Mike Marshall Memorial on.

  3. Prototype Hacky Sack footbags from John Stalberger's personal collection.

  4. Original Bumper Stickers, Tournament Posters, and other News Clippings.

The Hall of Fame Dinner will also include a silent auction as a fund-raiser for Special Olympics. The auction includes some extraordinary collector's items like -

  1. Mike Marshall's personal National Hacky Sack Company T-shirt.
  2. Original Made-in-Oregon two-panel Hacky Sack Footbags.
  3. 1 of 2 ever made Giant I Dig promo Footbags.
  4. Numerous original T-shirts circa 1970's.

This is the first time that today's players have had the opportunity to formally thank these pioneers for their efforts. If you are coming to the world championships and pass this opportunity by, it may not come again soon. One hundred and fifty have confirmed their attendance at the Hall of Fame dinner.

Don't get left out. Tickets for the dinner are $50. RSVP by e-mailing Sole Purpose at or call 503-236-0939.

I hope to see you all there,

Kenny Shults
Hall of Fame Museum Curator


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