Player Info

Footbag Net

Venues, court surfaces

Prelims will be played on Brahe sportsfield where the court surface is artificial grass. There is a little bit of sand on it, just to make it act like real grass. This surface and venue were chosen based on following facts:

  1. It is easy to get to the venue by public transportation.
  2. Net and freestyle will be played right next to each other and really close to the host hotel. This makes it easier for players to go from venue to another easily. Closeness of venues also unites freestylers and net players.
  3. The surface is guaranteed to be flat which reduces the risk of injuries. All courts are also equal and they will remain equal throughout the tournament.
  4. The surface should not be slippery even in case of rain.
  5. There are locker room facilities for net players at the prelims site.

Note: There is a little bit of sand on the artificial grass and in wet conditions it may stick to shoe soles. So, it is possible that sand gets into players' eyes when the bag is kicked over the net. This is unlikely, but if you find this uncomfortable it is recommended that you wear glasses when playing.

The finals and semifinals on Friday and Saturday will be played in Helsinki sportshouse where the playing surface is 7 millimeters thick indoor mat on top of wooden gym floor. This surface and venue were chosen based on following facts:

  1. Freestyle and net finals all in one big show.
  2. Net finals are indoors because we want to ensure finals in good weather conditions.
  3. Seating for audience is there already
  4. Net finals will be played on 7 millimeters thick indoor mat. The surface is great and looks great too.
  5. Indoor venue gives the best surroundings for recording the finals.

Court lines will be painted on the artificial grass in the preliminary matches, and taped on the mat in finals.

Net sets

Net posts will be movable badminton posts. We will not be using Jimmy-C nets because you cannot spike nails on artificial grass. Net posts will fall down if you crash on them. Setting a net up again after crashing on it, is fast and easy. The posts will also stay up and not fall down, no matter how hard the wind is. The only downside of the nets is that they don’t recover the bag as well as Jimmy-C nets do, if you kick the bag on the net.


All net players competing in this tournament should wear shirts in all their matches. Also teams competing in doubles events should have matching outfits. It is enough to have matching shirts. If this is a problem for players registered without partner, the tournament organisation is willing to help.

Refereeing in prelims

All matches in pools should be refereed by a player in same pool. Players playing in a match do the line judging themselves and the head judge is there for making the calls in case of conflicts. The head judge will also be judging net fouls and contact fouls. Also, the head judge is responsible for getting the match going in time and informing the results to the tournament staff.

The bags

We will be using official tournament net bags in every match. These bags are naturally provided by tournament organization. The bags are 62 panel net footbags similar to Prokicker bags.

Coming and going

Players should inform the tournament staff at the venues when they arrive to the site and especially when they leave. This is very important in order to staying in schedule and also avoiding periods of waiting and uncertainty. When leaving the site, even just for a while, it is important to know where the players have gone and when they are coming back.

Footbag Freestyle

Shred 30 rules

In shred 30 the goal is to reach as high score as possible. No top limit is involved. The player’s score will be counted according to a formula: adds + (uniques * add ratio), where adds mean the total number of adds you manage to hit in 30 seconds, uniques mean the amount of different unique moves you will hit and add ratio comes from a formula: adds/contacts. won’t be any limit for contacts.

The scoring starts when a player hits/tries to hit his first visible move (basically first 3 add move or higher). For example toe->clip->ripwalk, where ripwalk is the first visible move and toe->clip are preparing moves. If a player drops preparing move it is counted as a drop and time starts from there. Also limit for preparing moves is two. If player hits toe->clip->clip then time starts from the second clipper. All drops/handcathes will be counted as 0 add contacts. Time starts from first contact/attempted contact.

More specific rules

Big 3

Big 3 isn't an official event at Worlds 2005, and it's run besides the tournament. First round will be held on Wednesday the 27th of July, location to be announced. 8 best competitors will be seen in the finals in Linnanmäki on Friday the 29th.

Registration for the event is going to start at the site one hour prior the competition. There's no entry fee for Big 3 and it's open to everyone. Even when it's not official event, there will be prizes and an un-official Worlds title for three best combos.

Freestyle Judges Meeting

The freestyle judges' meeting takes place in MiniSteissi on the street Telekatu which is about a 10 minute walk from Brahe sportsfield. First you have to walk to north to the street Sturenkatu. Walk along Sturenkatu over a bridge and turn left on the street Teollisuuskatu. Next street on the right is Telekatu. MiniSteissi is on the left side of Telekatu in the other end of the street, near Elimäenkatu. The door is quite unnoticeable, but it has a sign MiniSteissi on it and a doorbell.

Routine music

Please bring your music on CD. Give your disc to the DJ before your turn and pick it up right after you finish routine. We are not going to search owners for CD's left on the DJ-table.