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This area contains videos from major competitions. If you're interested in seeing choreographed freestyle routines at the top levels of the sport, this is where you should be surfing.

2006 World Footbag Championships
Footage from the 27th World Footbag Championships in Frankfurt, Germany. Includes the top 8 routines. Video by IFPA.
2005 World Footbag Championships
The 2005 IFPA World Championships, from Helsinki, Finland. This gallery includes the top ten finishers in routines and shred30. Video by IFPA.
2004 World Footbag Championships
Competition footage from Worlds 2004. Includes the top five routines. Video by IFPA.
2003 World Footbag Championships
This is video from selected freestyle routines and other events at the 24th annual IFPA World Footbag Championships in Prague, Czech Republic, which took place in late July and early August of 2003.
Video from the 2002 World Footbag Championships
Insanely cool videos from Ellis Piltz. The event was the IFPA World Footbag Championships, which took place in San Francisco in the late summer of '02. Video by Ellis Piltz.
Video from the 2001 World Championships
Freestyle videos taken during the World Footbag Championships, August 6-12, 2001, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Video by Dan Klokow.
Video from the '99 Worlds
Freestyle video from the 1999 World Footbag Championships in Chicago, Illinois. Video by Derric Scalf (
Video from the '98 Worlds
This is a collection of footbag freestyle video clips shot during the competition and on the sidelines of the 1998 World Footbag Championships in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Video by Sean Wingert.
Video from the '97 Worlds
These are videos of some of the best freestyle moments at the 1997 World Footbag Championships in Portland, Oregon (USA). Most are sideline shred sessions videotaped by Sean Wingert of the Creighton University Footbag Club. Video by Sean Wingert.
Montreal Shred (Worlds '96)
These are videos of freestyle (on the sidelines) from the 1996 World Footbag Championships in Montreal, Canada. Video by Tuan Vu.
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