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Tournament Photos
Footbag WorldWide's collection of photos from specific tournaments over the last few years. Look here for pictures organized by tournament. If you're looking for a specific tournament, try searching the site, or using our result list to find previous tournaments with photos.
Finnish Footbag Association Photos
These are photos from the Finnish Footbag Association. They include tournament photos from within Finland, as well as those taken by FFA members at tournaments around the world. Photo by Justin Sexton.
General Photos
This is a collection of some general photos (and artwork) from the world of footbag, contributed by various folks (see each photo for the appropriate credits). Some of the photos are older and are not in JPEG format, so please forgive the graininess. :-). Photo by John Caveney.
Photos from Kickers Quarterly (1997)
These are contributed photos from the staff at Kickers Quarterly, a footbag magazine published quarterly by Schwa Footbag Publishing. More photos will appear in this gallery as they are contributed by our friends at KQ, so check back. Photo by Kickers Quarterly Magazine.
Sound Footwork HotPix
These are collected photographs from the Sound Footwork Footbag Club in Seattle, Washington. Photo by Mike Grueter.

You can contribute your own images to the Footbag WorldWide galleries. To see how, go to your personal gallery.

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