2003 World Footbag Championships

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This is video from selected freestyle routines and other events at the 24th annual IFPA World Footbag Championships in Prague, Czech Republic, which took place in late July and early August of 2003.

2003 Worlds: Video from the Czech Footbag Association
These are many of the videos from the 2003 IFPA World Footbag Championships in Prague, Czech Republic. The clips here were shot by a combination of the official staff videophotographer and the event organizers. (If you have other video you'd like to contribute, simply create your own member gallery and e-mail the administrator to have them linked here.). Video by David Joza (CFA).
2003 Worlds: Net highlights by Chaos
Here are some various videos from the 2003 World Footbag Championships in Prague. Video by P.T. Lovern.
2003 Worlds: A few finals routines in QuickTime
These are some alternative videos in QuickTime of some of the finals routines at Worlds. See the other gallery contained here for many more videos from Worlds. These aren't great, because they were filmed with my camera while I was running freestyle. :-) The other sets here were uploaded by the CFA crew who had a combination of staff videophotographer and others taking the vids. Video by Steve Goldberg.
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