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1999 World Footbag Championships

Selected photos from the 1999 World Footbag Championships in Chicago. This gallery has other related information; click here to see the related information.

Yves Archambault
Yves Archambault (Montreal) prepares for a leftie sole punch in the singles net preliminaries. Photo by Martin Cote.
Sebastien Verdy
Sebastien Verdy (Montreal) shows his powerful pulldown during the singles net preliminaries. Photo by Martin Cote.
Emmanuel Bouchard
Emmanuel Bouchard (Montreal) during the net singles preliminaries. Photo by Martin Cote.
Chris Siebert
Chris Siebert (Portland, Oregon) at the singles net prelims on Tuesday. Photo by Martin Cote.
Tuomas Karki
One of the top net players in Finland, Tuomas Karki (Helsinki) punches the bag during the singles net prelims. Photo by Martin Cote.
Amy Westberg
In the women's singles net preliminaries, Amy Westberg (Chandler, AZ) holds her own. Photo by Martin Cote.
Anthony Intemann
Anthony Intemann (Cliffside Park, NJ) during the intermediate singles net finals on Tuesday afternoon. Anthony ended up in second place against local favorite Kyle Baird. Photo by Martin Cote.
Kyle Baird
Kyle Baird (Charleston, IL) goes up for a sole push during the intermediate singles net finals against Anthony Intemann. Photo by Martin Cote.
Intermediate World Champion
Kyle Baird (Charleston, IL) makes a placement shot during the final game of the singles net championship in the intermediate division. He beat Anthony Intemann for the title. Photo by Martin Cote.
Jake Leong
Jake Leong (Vancouver, Canada) goes up against Randy Mulder in the singles net prelims. Photo by Martin Cote.
Cory Current
Tournament organizer Cory Current in a classic pose during the singles net prelims. Photo by Martin Cote.
Lavigne vs. Leong
Tall Bob Lavigne (Montreal) intimidates Jake Leong (Vancouver, Canada) into submission by showing his ability to cross the plane of the net. Photo by Martin Cote.
Freestyle Prelims
The freestyle prelims was a colorfully-carpeted conference room in the McCormick Place convention center next to the host hotel. Here, Lisa McDaniel is shown corraling the judges while Matt Churney warms up for his routine during the first day of freestyle prelims. Photo by Steve Goldberg.
Rick Reese and Daryl Genz
Rippin' and Daryl (both from Colorado) show their amazing doubles freestyle routine during the first round of freestyle competition on Thursday. Photo by Ann Lasken.
Shredding on the Sidelines
This was the typical scene on the terrace above the net prelims all week long. Photo by Steve Goldberg.
IFAB Meeting
Kenny Shults (Portland, Oregon) awaits his turn to pontificate during the annual International Footbag Advisory Board meeting, held Thursday night at the Hyatt. Photo by Steve Goldberg.
Ryan Mulroney
During the IFAB shred. Photo by Steve Goldberg.
Big Add Chad
Chad Devlahovich (San Pedro, California) during the IFAB shred. Photo by Steve Goldberg.
Young Blood
Bryan Fourner (left) and Josh Childs watch intently as Jane Jones shreds it up (off camera) during the IFAB shred on Thursday night. Photo by Steve Goldberg.
Jboy Gran
Jeff "Jboy" Gran (Menlo Park, California) shredding at the IFAB jam. Photo by Steve Goldberg.
Matt Meets Ryan
Matt Churney (left) shows Ryan Mulroney the finer points of freestyle during the Saturday night Freestyle Jam at 1am. Photo by Steve Goldberg.
Freestyle Shred Audience
Most people in the know come out and watch the freestylers as they go hog-wild on Saturday night after the freestyle finals. Photo by Steve Goldberg.
Night Vision
The freestyle shred (from 1-4am on Saturday night/Sunday morning) attracted about 110 people. Photo by Steve Goldberg.
Through the Lens
The best source of freestyle shred video tapes is the late-night freestyle jam that takes place after the world championships finals. In the viewfinder -- Peter Irish. Photo by Steve Goldberg.
Sebastien Verdy
Sebastien Verdy (Montreal) in the doubles net finals at the Mayor's Cup. Sebastien and partner Emmanuel Bouchard took the open doubles net title this year. Photo by Martin Cote.
Sebastien Verdy (Montreal) hits a perfect sunback spike (with his back to the net) as Kenny Shults (Portland, Oregon) awaits the chance to set the spike for his partner. Photo by Martin Cote.
Net Finals at Mayor's Cup
Emmanuel Bouchard (Montreal) slams one over while Randy Mulder prepares to dig. Emmanuel and his partner Sebastien Verdy took the match in two games to win the world doubles net title. Photo by Martin Cote.
Josh Childs
Sideline freestyle never stopped the whole week. Up-and-comer Josh Childs is shown here, skooling on the terrace near the net prelims. Photo by Steve Goldberg.

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