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Shred Footage (III)

These are videos of some of the best freestyle moments at the 1997 World Footbag Championships in Portland, Oregon (USA). Most are sideline shred sessions videotaped by Sean Wingert of the Creighton University Footbag Club. This gallery has other related information; click here to see the related information.

(Note: videos may take a long time to download; sizes in megabytes are given beside each video.)

Rippin' Rick Reese (2)   (13.30M)
Here Rippin' Rick hits the following sequence, starting with a clipper set: infinity (butterfly), gyro (aka 'gyrating butterfly'), paradox drifter, butterfly, gyro, paradox mirage, butterfly, gyro, paradox drifter, osis, infinity (butterfly), paradox symposium whirl, spinning clipper stall, spinning osis, paradox mirage, butterfly, paradox symposium whirl, osis (drop). Video by Sean Wingert. (Playing time 18 secs.)
Scott Davidson   (4.80M)
Scott ("The Enlightener") Davidson, from the Chicago, Illinois area, hits one of his signature spinning, guiltless strings. Video by Sean Wingert. (Playing time 26 secs.)
Tim Kelly (2)   (5.02M)
A short glimpse into the amazing Stik Man's unique combination of style and strength. In this clip, Tim (of San Francisco, California) is shredding with the Big-Add Posse in the gymnasium between rounds of freestyle semifinals. Video by Sean Wingert. (Playing time 9 secs.)
Rick Reese Rips   (6.03M)
Here Rick shows why he's known as Rippin' Rick. Video by Sean Wingert. (Playing time 10 secs.)
Scott Davidson Again   (15.20M)
Scott Davidson (of Chicago, Illinois), displays more of his unique style. Video by Sean Wingert. (Playing time 17 secs.)
Rick and Tim   (17.62M)
First Rick Reese, then Tim Kelly, hitting awesome combos where you can clearly see the bag (most of the time). Video by Sean Wingert. (Playing time 29 secs.)
Adrian Dick (The Sock)   (5.39M)
From Auckland, New Zealand, he's come first circle by appearing on this website... He first glimpsed pro freestyle by downloading a video from this very site (of Rippin' Rick) back in '94. Video by Sean Wingert. (Playing time 6 secs.)
Damian Coventry's Omen   (4.92M)
On the theme of New Zealanders, here's another member of the Auckland freestyle club. These guys showed up at Worlds and raised quite a few eyebrows. Video by Sean Wingert. (Playing time 5 secs.)
Ahren Gehrman Yet Again   (10.71M)
Ahren Gehrman is undisputedly one of the strongest and most precise freestylers around, executing his moves with utter confidence and solidity. This guy defines the technical side of freestyle. Video by Sean Wingert. (Playing time 12 secs.)

Copyright © 1997, Sean Wingert and World-Wide Footbag Foundation, Inc. All rights reserved.

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