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Shred Footage (II)

These are videos of some of the best freestyle moments at the 1997 World Footbag Championships in Portland, Oregon (USA). Most are sideline shred sessions videotaped by Sean Wingert of the Creighton University Footbag Club. This gallery has other related information; click here to see the related information.

(Note: videos may take a long time to download; sizes in megabytes are given beside each video.)

Ahren Gehrman (2)   (13.28M)
Ahren Gehrman (Longview, Washington) shreds for the cameras and his good friends on the sidelines of the net prelims at Westmoreland Park in Portland, Oregon. Ahren is called "The Torch" in Big-Add Posse circles -- download the video and you'll see why. Kenny Shults started training him when he was only 15 years old. Video by Sean Wingert. (Playing time 15 secs.)
Tim Kelly   (14.56M)
In this video clip, Tim (currently of San Francisco, California) hits the following moves (in order): toe delay, butterfly stall, whirling swirl, butterfly, infinity (butterfly), flurry, butterfly, whirling swirl, osis, butterfly, double legover, butterfly, butterfly-swirl, torque, infinity (butterfly), paradox whirl, drifter, toe kick. Whew! Video by Sean Wingert. (Playing time 16 secs.)
Ryan Mulroney on the Sidelines   (8.77M)
While Ryan Mulroney was busting this combo, someone on the sidelines was trying to give a running commentary of all the moves he was hitting for a local news crew. However, this proved impossible, as the human tongue cannot work as fast as this boy's legs. See for yourself. Video by Sean Wingert. (Playing time 12 secs.)
"Teva Dave" Holton   (12.01M)
Nicknamed "Teva Dave" because he's the only BAP member who shreds in his Tevas, Dave Holton is from Atlanta, Georgia. He is rarely actually there though, as freestyling around the U.S. is his gig. Video by Sean Wingert. (Playing time 14 secs.)
Pete Irish (2)   (13.87M)
Peter Irish (recently relocated from San Francisco, California to College Park, Maryland) warms up at a sideline shred during the net preliminaries, as cameras from the media and a handful of spectators try to keep track. Pete ended up winning the singles freestyle world championships title later that week. Video by Sean Wingert. (Playing time 19 secs.)
Rippin' Rick Reese   (8.40M)
A somewhat eclipsed view of one of the key freestylers who have brought the sport to its current status as a serious athletic endeavor. Rick (from Ft. Collins, Colorado) is still one of the top players in the game, having almost single-handedly motivated most of the other players in the Posse. Rick shreds it up here during the net preliminaries at Westmoreland Park. Video by Sean Wingert. (Playing time 9 secs.)
Greg Nelson   (2.59M)
"G. F. Smoothie" shows a smooth guilt-free combo: mobius to paradox blender. Greg lives in Milan, Michigan, where he is also a member of the "Flying Aces" disc team. Video by Sean Wingert. (Playing time 4 secs.)

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