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Shred Footage (I)

These are videos of some of the best freestyle moments at the 1997 World Footbag Championships in Portland, Oregon (USA). Most are sideline shred sessions videotaped by Sean Wingert of the Creighton University Footbag Club. This gallery has other related information; click here to see the related information.

(Note: videos may take a long time to download; sizes in megabytes are given beside each video.)

Tuan Vu   (4.18M)
The "Disco Ninja" tears it up with his inimitable style in a cleared-out section of the "Skoolhouse" at the home of the Enforcer, Kenny Shults. Tuan is currently living, studying, and skooling in San Francisco, California. Video by Sean Wingert. (Playing time 5 secs.)
Ahren Gehrman   (6.42M)
"The Torch" is on fire. Ahren Gehrman, from Longview, Washington, puts it all together for an array of videocameras aiming to capture footbag history in the making at a sideline shred during the net preliminaries. Video by Sean Wingert. (Playing time 20 secs.)
Peter Irish   (13.15M)
5-time singles world champion, he took the title home again this year. This shred, among others, shows why. Pete has recently moved back to the east coast (College Park, MD) after two years in California. East-coast shred just got better. Video by Sean Wingert. (Playing time 18 secs.)
Eric Windsor   (3.41M)
Eric Windsor, of Los Angeles, California, shows his own unique style at the net finals venue inside the "Bite of Portland" festival. Video by Sean Wingert. (Playing time 14 secs.)
Noah Dubreuil   (10.12M)
Nicknamed "Merlyn" because of his seemingly magical style (and because, amazingly enough, it's his actual middle name!), Noah Dubreuil carves out his newly-BAPtized strings in the final shred in the host hotel parking lot, before the entire shred was forced to move to the "Automotive Jams" in a lighted area nearby. Video by Sean Wingert. (Playing time 16 secs.)
Daryl Genz   (10.90M)
"Genzu" slices, he dices, and he has a style like no other. Daryl Genz is an engineer near Denver, Colorado, who has helped define the next generation of footbag freestyle with his combination of fluidity and technical acumen. Video by Sean Wingert. (Playing time 17 secs.)
Red Fred Husted   (15.76M)
Red made his debut this year at the Worlds; most players had never seen this guy shred it up before. And were they surprised. Red is a student at Vista College in Berkeley, California. Video by Sean Wingert. (Playing time 19 secs.)

Copyright © 1997, Sean Wingert and World-Wide Footbag Foundation, Inc. All rights reserved.

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