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Video from the 2001 World Championships

Freestyle videos taken during the World Footbag Championships, August 6-12, 2001, in the San Francisco Bay Area. This gallery has other related information; click here to see the related information.

(Note: videos may take a long time to download; sizes in megabytes are given beside each video.)

Ryan Mulroney's Dropless Winning Routine   (37.91M)
The complete (and large) video of the flawless routine that won the world championships for the second year in a row for Ryan Mulroney. Video by Dan Klokow. (Playing time 120 secs.)
Ryan Mulroney's Dropless Winning Routine - Smaller Version   (17.02M)
Still a large download, this is the alternative version of Ryan's winning routine for people who simply can't load the larger version. Note that this version requires you to already know freestyle because you can barely see the bag. If you want to be blown away by freestyle footbag, please watch the full-sized version. Video by Dan Klokow. (Playing time 120 secs.)
Yacine Merzouk's Dropless Routine   (39.27M)
In his first-ever finals at the world championships, Yacine represents Montreal, Canada with a stunning dropless routine. Notice that almost every trick is in synch with the music. Video by Dan Klokow. (Playing time 125 secs.)
Lon Smith's Black-or-White Routine   (39.64M)
This is a great example of Lon's creativity and technical strength -- a wonderful finals routine that took everyone by surprise using Michael Jackson's "Black or White" with two footbags: one white, and the other black. Video by Dan Klokow. (Playing time 120 secs.)
Peter Irish's Sexy M-F   (36.59M)
Stylie Peter Irish does yet another world class routine, combining difficulty with his smooth, inimitable style, to a cool song -- even if the lyrics are a bit R-rated. Video by Dan Klokow. (Playing time 115 secs.)
Scott Davidson's Finals Routine   (34.01M)
Scott Davidson always puts pressure on the top players -- this year he placed second for the second year in a row, after winning the '99 Worlds. This guy is a force to be reckoned with and keeps all the other players on their toes. Video by Dan Klokow. (Playing time 118 secs.)
Ahren Gerhman's Finals Routine   (39.75M)
The Torch shines bright with a strong routine choreographed to an intense beat. Video by Dan Klokow. (Playing time 108 secs.)
Eric Wulff's Finals Routine   (23.67M)
Eric Wulff shows the true meaning of world class with his incredibly strong combination of presentation, difficulty, execution, and variety. Video by Dan Klokow. (Playing time 121 secs.)

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