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2001 World Footbag Championships

This is our growing gallery of recently-submitted photos from the 2001 World Footbag Championships. This gallery is subject to change over the next month so please keep checking back.

Alexis Deschenes
Alexis Deschenes. Photo by Ted Huff.
Marilyn Demuy
Marilyn Demuy. Photo by Ted Huff.
Amy Digging
Amy Westberg going for a dig. Photo by Ted Huff.
Amy Westberg
Amy Westberg. Photo by Ted Huff.
Chris Siebert
Jake Leong (left) and Yves Archambault (right). Photo by Ted Huff.
From left to right: Marilyn Demuy in background, Maude Landreville in foreground, Lisa McDaniel kicking. Photo by Ted Huff.
From left to right: Jody Welch, Brent Welch, and in the air, Emmanuël Bouchard. Photo by Ted Huff.
Hall of Fame Inductees for 2001
From left to right: John Stalberger (charter member) assists with induction of new members Yves Archambault, Jeff Johnson, Constance Constable, Dennis Ross, and Andy Linder. Photo by Ted Huff.
Peter Shunny
Peter Shunny. Photo by Ted Huff.

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