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2003 Worlds: A few finals routines in QuickTime

These are some alternative videos in QuickTime of some of the finals routines at Worlds. See the other gallery contained here for many more videos from Worlds. These aren't great, because they were filmed with my camera while I was running freestyle. :-) The other sets here were uploaded by the CFA crew who had a combination of staff videophotographer and others taking the vids. This gallery has other related information; click here to see the related information.

(Note: videos may take a long time to download; sizes in megabytes are given beside each video.)

V?clav Klouda - 1st place   (15.59M)
This winning routine was par for the course for rising star Va?ek Klouda from Czech Republic. The routine is a great combination of technical skill (difficulty, execution, and variety), with some good choreography to round it out. However, it'd be good to see yet more choreography from this kid 'cause I know he can do it. But hey, he went dropless all three rounds, and that's gotta say something. Video by Steve Goldberg. (Playing time 150 secs.)
Ryan Mulroney - 2nd place   (12.77M)
One of the most compelling routines ever performed in the history of the sport. Unfortunately this camera angle was terrible; so if someone has a better copy please let me know. Had this been dropless, it very well could have been the winning routine. As it was, Ryan placed second. Video by Steve Goldberg. (Playing time 128 secs.)
Jan Weber - 4th place   (13.34M)
With a very solid 4th place routine, young Honza surprised a lot of people. But he didn't surprise me. He has worked hard in the last two years and this year it all came together for him. Video by Steve Goldberg. (Playing time 128 secs.)
Peter Irish - 5th place   (14.89M)
Practically flawless, classic Peter Irish. Not much more to say. Watch the hands. Video by Steve Goldberg. (Playing time 128 secs.)
Ale? Zelinka - 8th place   (12.43M)
This young man shows his potential in this difficult and fast-paced routine. His technical form is unparalelled, and his presence on the stage is powerful. Without the drops, this routine could have placed Ale? in the top 5. As it is, 8th in the world isn't too shabby. Especially considering the company he's in. Video by Steve Goldberg. (Playing time 126 secs.)

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