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Singles Freestyle Finals - Worlds 2003

Here are all of the routines from the Open Singles Freestyle finals at the 2003 IFPA World Footbag Championships in Prague, Czech Republic. This was one of the most amazing years yet in freestyle competition. Note that Václav Klouda went dropless all three rounds! This gallery has other related information; click here to see the related information.

(Note: videos may take a long time to download; sizes in megabytes are given beside each video.)

Jane Zerbe   (12.31M)
With her best routine to date, Jane Zerbe (n?e Jane Jones) comes in third place, in the closest top-3 finish in recent history. Video by Jane Zerbe. (Playing time 120 secs.)
Carol Wedemeyer   (3.74M)
Carol is the current reigning women's world champion. This was her championship routine. Video by David Joza (CFA).
Ellis Piltz   (3.27M)
Scott Davidson   (3.82M)
Ale? Zelinka   (4.03M)
Ale? is from Prague, and placed 8th. Video by David Joza (CFA).
Sunil Jani   (4.34M)
Greg Nelson   (3.96M)
Peter Irish   (4.28M)
Appropriately named "The Executioner", Pete shows his professionalism with this high quality routine which landed him in fifth place. Video by David Joza (CFA).
Jan Weber   (4.14M)
Honza placed 4th this year with a solid demonstration of Czech freestyle skills. Video by David Joza (CFA).
Yacine Merzouk   (3.93M)
Yacine, from Montreal, Canada, placed 3rd in this stellar freestyle routine. Video by David Joza (CFA).
Ryan Mulroney   (4.26M)
Ryan lived up to his reputation with brilliant choreography and extreme difficulty. Ryan placed 2nd. Video by David Joza (CFA).
V?clav Klouda   (4.91M)
Va?ek secured his second world championship title with this dropless routine, exhibiting unparalelled technical mastery. . Video by David Joza (CFA).

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