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Beginner's Freestyle Concepts

Learn the basic elements of freestyle footbag from a master. New players check this out!

(Note: videos may take a long time to download; sizes in megabytes are given beside each video.)

Kicks   (13.38M)
Learn these first! Inside, outside and toe kicks. Video by Anssi Sundberg. (Playing time 107 secs.)
Delays (Stalls)   (13.58M)
Imagine you're catching an egg - gentle cusioning is key. Video by Anssi Sundberg. (Playing time 110 secs.)
Mirage   (9.76M)
Keep the bag in close to your body, and don't set too high! Instead of trying to go 'over' the bag with your foot, try going 'around' it with your knee. Your hip should lead the motion around the bag. Video by Anssi Sundberg. (Playing time 77 secs.)
Legover   (9.87M)
Again, keep the bag low and close to your body. Try hopping a little off of the catching foot while your setting. Video by Anssi Sundberg. (Playing time 80 secs.)
Pickup   (10.50M)
Similar advice from legover. Remember that it's all about positioning and timing, rather than speed. Video by Anssi Sundberg. (Playing time 82 secs.)
Illusion (reverse mirage)   (8.56M)
Like legovers, this move is easier if you get a little jump off of the dexing foot as your set. Like mirage, you want to keep the bag in close against your body. Video by Anssi Sundberg. (Playing time 68 secs.)
Butterfly   (10.49M)
Get that knee up to make the dex! Be careful that you're catching and releasing the bag vertically, and not pushing it through the dex. Video by Anssi Sundberg. (Playing time 86 secs.)
Osis   (10.57M)
This is a SLOW move! Again, work on catching and releasing vertically - avoid scooping the bag around your body. It helps to really sink into the catch, bend that support leg. Video by Anssi Sundberg. (Playing time 83 secs.)

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