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Some Videos From My Archives

These are some videos I've uploaded from my vast archives of 8mm and Hi8 tapes (back in the day). Some is even third-generation pirated video off old VHS tapes. It's amazing it lasted.

(Note: videos may take a long time to download; sizes in megabytes are given beside each video.)

Dimitri Kavouras   (0.89M)
Just a quick shot of Dimitri (one of the earliest members of the Big-Add Posse) back in '93. This was back in the day just before everyone started playing "guiltless". Video by Paul Burke.
Dennis and Dimitri   (2.03M)
The two D's (just plain D, and D Money) just having fun at the '93 Western Regionals. Video by Paul Burke.
More Dimitri Kavouras   (1.25M)
Not the best runs, but at least something showing this guy's talent. Remember, this was 1993. Video by Paul Burke.
Jane Jones   (2.82M)
This was the first time many of us met Jane Jones. As you can tell, she has sure worked hard to become the shredita she is today! Video by Paul Burke.
Bart, Brat, and ET   (3.04M)
Just a random sequence from the '93 Regionals -- Steve Goldberg talking to Eric "Bart" Bartholomay when interrupted as usual by someone (in this case Etienne "ET" Constable) asking to use the cell phone. Consider it a "slice of life.". Video by Paul Burke.
Eclipse Meister Dimitri   (0.39M)
He was big and he liked to jump really high. Unfortunately there's just not much good footage of Dimitri, but at least here you can see how he likes to jump. Video by Paul Burke.
Rippin' Rick Reese '88 Worlds   (16.34M)
This was the state of the art in 1988. Amazing shit for the times. This was Rippin' Rick Reese's finals routine. Check out the two-bag opening. This tape was copied twice between VHS systems between 1988 and 1993, and then transferred to 8mm (not Hi8!) back in 1992, and then finally converted to DV in 2005 and mashed into QT here. It's amazing you can see anything. Video by Unknown (via Peter Irish).
Dave Yevin at '88 Worlds   (14.09M)
Okay folks, this is one of the truly unsung heros of freestyle competition. Dave Yevin is known only to a few because he pretty much retired after the '91 Worlds. He is, as you can tell here (remember, this is 1988), clearly one of the earliest shredders by today's standards, next to only Kenny and Rippin'. Sorry for the quality but you have to understand how hard it is to come by this old footage! I copied an old VHS tape of Peter Irish's onto my 8mm camcorder one rainy night in Virginia in 1992 while visiting Peter, and finally have it converted to at least a partially usable digital format. Video by Unknown (via Peter Irish).
Scott Davidson at '88 Worlds   (16.24M)
Here's the one and only Scott Davidson in 1988. This was his finals routine. Video by Unknown (via Peter Irish).
Ocean County Clippers at '88 Worlds   (19.65M)
These guys were unbelievable. Ed Orlando, Russ Willi, and Eric Wulff.. Just amazing. They placed third two years in a row (1987 and 1988). This is their finals routine in '88. Understand that this was in the day when "team" freestyle could be 2 or 3 people, not just 2 as we have today. Video by Unknown (via Peter Irish).
Steve and Ed at the '93 Western Regionals   (26.29M)
I have to say, we weren't the best doubles freestyle team on the planet. But we had fun, and we got better year after year. This was the end of our first year competing together. We retired after getting 4th at Worlds in '97 in Portland. Ed turned 40. Wow, he's old now. :-). Video by Paul Burke.

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