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General Collection I

This is a collection of some general photos (and artwork) from the world of footbag, contributed by various folks (see each photo for the appropriate credits). Some of the photos are older and are not in JPEG format, so please forgive the graininess. :-)

Big Air
Beau Barnett, a member of BAFL, contributed this nice piece of footbag artwork to our gallery. Photo by Beau Barnett.
Fancy Footwork in Candlestick Park
Fancy Footwork demonstrates footbag net at the San Francisco Giants Game in Candlestick Park (San Francisco), June, 1994. Photo by John Caveney.
It's Not Baseball!
Chris Ott goes up for the spike at the Giants demo in Candlestick Park, June, 1994. Photo by John Caveney.
Kenny is God
Kenny Shults shows why he's the god of huge DINKS at the U. S. Open Footbag Net Championship, June, 1994. Photo by John Caveney.
Crowds at '94 Worlds
Crowds mill around between rounds at the '94 Worlds in Golden Gate Park, July, 1994. Photo by John Caveney.
Doubles Action at '94 Worlds
Doubles net action at the '94 Worlds, as Remi Kristensen (Copenhagen, Denmark) goes up against doubles champion Kenny Shults (Portland, Oregon). July, 1994. Photo by John Caveney.
1994 World Championships Finals
Kenny Shults slams one over during finals at the '94 Worlds. Photo by John Caveney.
Semifinals at '94 Worlds
Randy Mulder (Denver, Colorado) and Jake Leong (Vancouver, Canada) battle it out over the net during semi-finals at Worlds, July, 1994. Photo by John Caveney.
Mr. Hacky Sack Plays Air Guitar
'Mr. Hacky Sack', John Stalberger, jams to the tunes during the Kick-a-Thon for Cystic Fibrosis at the '94 Worlds in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, July, 1994. (Stalberger is the co-inventor of the Hacky Sack footbag.). Photo by John Caveney.
World Cup '94 Official Demonstration
Bay Area Footbag League freestylers show their stuff at the World Cup, June, 1994. Photo by John Caveney.
Sam Shows Spaniards Something Special
Sam Conlon shows off for the cameras of a Spanish television station during the World Cup demo at Stanford Stadium, Palo Alto, California, June, 1994. Photo by John Caveney.

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