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Miscellaneous Photos

Misc pictures from the Finnish Footbag Open 1999

Reason to smile
The organizer of the Finnish Footbag Open 1999 had a big smile on he's face for the whole time and for a reason too. The 3rd Finnish Footbag Championships was a big success again. Photo by Kim Hellen.
Jarno "Speedy" Bedda
Jarno "Speedy" Bedda did a great job on the mic for the whole 8 hour finals day. Thanks Speedy! . Photo by Kim Hellen.
Mika Koistinen, Justin Sexton & Antti Lehtovirta
Defending Finnish Freestyle Champion Mika Koistinen, current European Champion Justin Sexton and Antti Lehtovirta who placed fourth in Intermediate division at worlds in Chicago getting ready for the Final round of Freestyle. . Photo by Kim Hellen.
Justin Sexton
On top of organising the whole Finnish Footbag Open 1999 tournament and playing in all events on the Finals day Justin Sexton still had time for the fans. Photo by Kim Hellen.
Jesse Fryckman, Tuomas K?rki & Jukka Peltola
These three fellows worked hard not only for their success on the netcourts but behind the scenes too, making the event as great as it was. Photo by Kim Hellen.
Freestyle judges
Freestyle judges did a great job making the finals run smoothly and in time. Especially FFA would like to thank the head judge Ville M?kel. Photo by Kim Hellen.

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