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1998 Worlds Video: Part I

This is a collection of footbag freestyle video clips shot during the competition and on the sidelines of the 1998 World Footbag Championships in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. This is part 1 of 3. This gallery has other related information; click here to see the related information.

(Note: videos may take a long time to download; sizes in megabytes are given beside each video.)

Ryan Mulroney   (3.32M)
Ryan hits (in order): Stepping Double Down, Osis, Butterfly, Stepping Double Down, Osis, Butterfly, Ripwalk, Ripwalk, Blur, Paradon, Symposium Whirl, Blur, Pixie Butterfly, and MORE!! Video by Sean (Playing time 23 secs.)
Kyle Crawford   (5.57M)
Kyle shows his newly-inducted Big-Adds at the "Mars Jam," an impromptu session at a Montreal Bus Station. Video by Sean (Playing time 20 secs.)
Scott 'The Enlightener' Davidson   (6.54M)
Scott hits (in order): Blurry Whirl, Ripwalk, Osis, Osis, Butterfly, Paradox Whirl, Spinning Butterfly, Spinning Diving Osis, Osis, Osis, Paradox Whirl, Paradox Whirl, Spinning Butterfly, and MORE!! Video by Sean (Playing time 25 secs.)
Daryl 'Genzu' Genz   (10.35M)
Daryl shreds like a madman in this clip, hitting three paradox legbeaters and much more! Video by Sean (Playing time 19 secs.)
Ahren 'The Torch' Gehrman   (4.00M)
The Torch's style is superbly technical, and in this clip he hits legbeaters and blurs all over the place. He is located on stage at the freestyle finals site in La Ronde. Video by Sean (Playing time 22 secs.)
Eric 'The Iron Man' Wulff   (4.30M)
Eric hits (in order): Butterfly, Stepping Butterfly, Blurry Dragonfly, Torque, Butterfly, Osis, Butterfly, Spinning Butterfly, Spinning Butterfly, Spinning Flying Butterfly, Spinning Butterfly, Osis, Ducking Butterfly, Butterfly, Diving Butterfly (drop). Video by Sean (Playing time 24 secs.)
Frank Gutowski   (3.91M)
The recently relocated Frank Gutowski has been skooling all year and here shows his skills at the entrance of the University Residence Hall in Montreal. Video by Sean (Playing time 17 secs.)
'Teva' Dave Holton   (3.91M)
Dave Holton ducks, legbeats, and blurs in this video clip taped shortly after we were very politely "relocated" to the UQAM lobby. Video by Sean (Playing time 24 secs.)
'Big Add' Chad Devlahovich   (4.49M)
Chad hits a ripwalk, blur, blurry-whirl, and more in this video clip from the '98 Southern California Tournament, held at Hermosa Beach. Video by Sean (Playing time 17 secs.)
Peter 'The Executioner' Irish   (7.23M)
Pete hits (in order): Blurry Drifter, Osis, Paradox Torque, Paradox Whirl, Paradox Double Leg Over, Butterfly, Torque, Butterfly, Spinning Osis, Inspinning Mirage, Butterfly, Double Leg Over, and MORE!! Video by Sean (Playing time 29 secs.)
Ryan 'The Regulator' Mulroney   (6.93M)
Ryan hits (in order): Ripwalk, Blurry Whirl, Osis, Butterfly, Blur, Butterfly, Ripwalk, Blurriest, Flurry, Paradon, Ripwalk, Paradox Whirl, Blizzard, and MORE!! Video by Sean (Playing time 26 secs.)
Adrian Verhoef   (4.00M)
Adrian hits (in order): Blurry Diving Butterfly, Osis, Osis, Paradox Mirage, Butterfly, Stepping Mirage, Butterfly, Ripwalk, Blur, Butterfly, Paradox Mirage (drop). Video by Sean (Playing time 18 secs.)

Copyright © 1998, Sean Wingert and WWFF, Inc.

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