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Pictures from FOOTCAMP 2006 Venezuela -Colombia

Footcamp 2006 Táchira, Venezuela. Freestyle and Net tournaments and exhibitions

Carlos M?rquez spike
carlos marquez against Alberto giraldo in a doubles net match. Photo by Carlos Márquez.
Josu? "fuf?" vivas spiking vs. alberto giraldo $ Luis Sarmiento
fufa (left), mamerto & chino (right). Photo by Carlos Márquez.
Top three Freestyle intermediate
1st:Angel vivas(center), 2nd: Renzo Gagliardi(right), 3rd: Alberto "mamerto" Giraldo (left). Photo by Carlos M?rquez.
Freestyle open champions: Team Bogot? - Colombia
(from left to right)Pedro Bernal, David Castillo, Liliana Romero, Camilo Moreno. Photo by Carlos M?rquez.
Best Spike Trophy winner: "mamerto Giraldo"   (0.29M)
mamerto with his trophy for best spike. Photo by Carlos M?rquez.
Net Doubles Second place winners
Alberto "mamerto" Giraldo (left), Lauis "chino" Sarmiento (right). Photo by Carlos M?rquez.
Net Doubles Third place Winners   (0.25M)
Angel vivas (left), Ram?n Chac?n (right). Photo by Carlos M?rquez.
Net Doubles Champions!   (0.32M)
Josu? Vivas (left), Carlos M?rquez (right), FootCamp'06 Doubles Net Champions. Photo by Carlos M?rquez.
Net Champions & Mamerto   (0.39M)
Doubles NEt Champions Carlos & Fuf? with best spike award winner Mamerto Giraldo. Photo by Carlos M?rquez.
Group Picture   (0.43M)
part of the FootCamp'06 group. Photo by Carlos M?rquez.
Group Picture 2   (0.43M)
Net courts   (0.40M)
the net courts during the preliminars. Photo by Carlos M?rquez.
FootCamp'06 group shot   (0.34M)
GReat Group shot, from left to right(stand): Camilo moreno(COL), pedro Bernal(COL), Esteban Restrepo(COL),Alberto Giraldo (VEN), Carlos M?rquez (VEN), Josu? Vivas (VEN), David Cstillo (COL), Luis Sarmiento (VEN), Ram?n Chac?n(VEN), Angel vivas (VEN), Oscar Colmenares(VEN), Renzo Gagliardi (VEN), Mandy (VEN). Down: Anthony Vivas (VEN), Andr?s Vivas (VEN), Liliana Romero (COL), Carlos Oyuela(COL), Jessi Cede?o ((VEN). Photo by Carlos M?rquez.
FootCamp 2006 Logo
FootCamp 2006 Logo
FootCamp 2006 Logo

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