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Images from events and jams that I've been to. I don't travel as much as some of the other CIC members so most of the pics are in and around Chicago

Midwest Regionals 2002
18th Annual Midwest Regionals at Maryville Academy in Des Plaines, Illinois on July 27-28, 2002 . Photo by Alex "Zeke" Ibardaloza.
US Open 2002
US Open Freestyle Championships held in Chicago at the Hyatt McCormick on December 27-29, 2002. Photo by Cole Sifferlen.
First Annual Windy City Open Footbag Championships
Windy City Open was held at University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) on May 24-26, 2003 . Photo by Greg Nelson.
19th Annual Midwest Regional Championships and Exhibition
This years Midwest Regionals was held late in the year in Chicago at the Hyatt McCormick on December 27-29, 2003 . Photo by Alex "Zeke" Ibardaloza.
Midwest Regionals 2004
20th Annual Midwest Regionals at Oak Park in Chicago's west side held on June 5-6, 2004. Photo by Alex "Zeke" Ibardaloza.
Iowa Jam
Jam at Davenport, Iowa on April 16-17 2005. Photo by Alex "Zeke" Ibardaloza.
South Side Freestyle Day
Jam on the south side of Chicago on June 5, 2005. Photo by Alex "Zeke" Ibardaloza.
Midwest Regionals 2005
21st Annual Midwest Regionals at Maryville Academy in Des Plaines, Illinois on July 6-7, 2005 . Photo by Alex "Zeke" Ibardaloza.
2nd West Virginia Jam
Midwest Net Championships 2007
Midwest Net Championships held at Maryville Academy on July 29, 2007. All photos by Vince Pontarelli. Photo by Vince Pontarelli.
New Year's Jam 2007
Windy City Cup 2008
Windy City Cup in Chicago on June 13-15. Many of the images have been cropped to make for a better photo. I'm still getting used to my Canon S5. . Photo by Alex "Zeke" Ibardaloza.
24th Annual Midwest Regional Footbag Championships
Net demo during the 24th Annual Midwest Regionals on July 5-6 at Taste of Chicago. Photo by Alex "Zeke" Ibardaloza.
Memphicago(rleans) Kick Volley Challenge 1
CLCK & Memphis Footworks met at Salem Illinois on Sunday August 17 for an epic afternoon of Net. . Photo by Alex "Zeke" Ibardaloza.
Second City Cup 2008
September 21 was the Second City Cup. Basically a bare bones, locals only (IFPA sanctioned) "tournament". We did pick ups on Saturday then singles and doubles on Sunday. Aside from some cropping and resizing, I've also done some processing to tweak the colors and contrast of the images. Photo by Cory Current.
Ted Martin's Spike 'n Shoot Saturday Shindig
A great afternoon of Net, target practice and BBQ! Taken on Saturday October 18. Photo by Alex "Zeke" Ibardaloza.
Memphicago 3.1
CLCK and Memphis Footworks meet again in Salem Illinois on 3-15-09 for another edition of Memphicago. Photo by Alex "Zeke" Ibardaloza.
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