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This is the personal gallery of Anssi Sundberg.

Random Footbag Photos
Some photos of me and footbag. Photo by Anssi Sundberg.
Videos of me playing footbag
Single trick videos and longer videos. Video by Anssi Sundberg.
Worlds 2005 photos/vids
As I'm at Worlds 2005 in Finland, Helsinki, I'll try to upload here photos every day for those who aren't experiencing this with us. Photo by Anssi Sundberg.
Pictures from August
With Antti Virolainen we took some photos on a sunny August day. Here is my part. Photo by Anssi Sundberg.
Finnish Championships 2005 photos/videos
2005 Finnish Champs were held in Kuopio. Here are the photos that were taken with my camera. Photo by Anssi Sundberg.
Anz's Blog Vids
Vidoes that I make for my footblog. Video by Anssi Sundberg.
Anz' Trikz
Trick tip videos. Video by Anssi Sundberg.
Anssi Sundberg's World Records
Videos of World Records that I've set. Video by Anssi Sundberg.
Loimaan messut 2009
Footbag demos at Loimaa trade fair 2009. Photo by Anssi Sundberg.
Toukokuun 2010 kuvia
Pictures from Helsinki from May 2010. Photo by Anssi Sundberg.
Anz' Trikz v2
New tutorial videos made in 2009. All of them can be found on YouTube. Video by Anssi Sundberg.
Helsinki June 2011
A weekend in Helsinki with a lot of footbag stuff going on. This was two months before Worlds took place there. Video by Anssi Sundberg.
Authentic Acceleration
A set for a video series. Video by Anssi Sundberg.
Tricks for Shred Global. Video by Anssi Sundberg.
Shred spot
Building a concrete shred spot.
Kisahalli Oct 2012

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