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Dat's Footbag Theory
Similar to music, I believe a theory approach can be used to practice footbag.
Making a 32 Panel Footbag
Making a 32-panel (Pictures)
US Open
Portland, Oregon. August 2006. Video by Dat Phan.
Berkeley Juggling Festival 2006 Demo
Dat Phan's Videos
Videos I've made. Video by Dat Phan.
Never Give Up
Rod Laver Modification: Canvas Removal

These pictures are here to augment the Rod Laver modification guide found here. Follow the first two steps then come back to this guide. I know this guide could be better (better pictures, clearer instructions, etc), so if someone feels they can make a better one please do.

Removing the canvas from the inside and toe surfaces of Rod Lavers increases bag feel and reduces weight. Notes: Some players have started removing the mesh instead of the canvas on the inside surfaces of their lavers. This guide only shows how to remove the canvas, but that modification should be easy to figure out. Although they are intact in the pictures, be sure replace the stock insoles. Insoles made of Neoprene, such as the Spenco Court/Aerobic or Cross Trainer insoles, do a much better job of absorbing shock and reducing leg and back injuries.

Tools needed: Exacto knife, nerves of steel.

Before starting: let the lavers float upside down in a sink of hot water for 30 minutes. This makes the canvas swell up, which weakens the glue between the canvas and the mesh. Let them dry overnight before continuing.

Lacing Patterns
1998 Western Regionals
Routines from the 1998 Western Regional Footbag Championships at Stanford University. Video by Dat Phan.
worlds 2003 prague
Cal Poly SLO Jam 11-22-03
More than a Hobby
Article from the Cal Poly SLO campus newspaper, Mustang Daily. Yeah I know some of the info is bad.

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