Adelaide Footbag Club

The Adelaide Footbag Club is a new club of casual footbag kickers in Adelaide, Australia. We encourage anyone with even a mild interest in Hacky Sack to drop us a line and meet us to kick. Perhaps someday soon, Australia can be represented at the World Championships!

Contact Information:

Adelaide Footbag Club
Contact: Chris Fiddyment
Phone: (08) 2818173

Playing Times and Locations

The Club is just forming, and there are currently no formal meeting places or times. However, we are very interested in establishing a consistent kick somewhere central and convenient.

If you live in the Adelaide area and are interested in kicking, please write us at with any ideas you may have. Remember: it only takes two to play, so you could be the missing link to establishing a regular time and place! Get in touch with us, and let's kick!

For a list of other footbag organizations, see the list of footbag clubs and leagues around the world.

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