1994 World Footbag Championships

Hosted by the Bay Area Footbag League

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Well Folks! For all of those that missed the 1994 World Footbag Championships, it was a huge success! We had 133 competitors and tons of spectators. Check out the results below.

Open Event Results

Open Timed Singles Consecutives
Open Doubles Distance One Pass
Open Singles Freestyle
Open Team Freestyle
Open Footbag Golf
Open Singles Net
Open Doubles Net
Open Mixed Doubles Net

Open Women's Event Results

Open Women's Timed Singles Consecutives
Open Women's Doubles Distance One Pass
Open Women's Singles Freestyle
Open Women's Team Freestyle
Open Women's Footbag Golf
Open Women's Singles Net
Open Women's Doubles Net

Intermediate Event Results

Intermediate Footbag Golf
Intermediate Singles Net
Intermediate Doubles Net

Overall Standings

This is a compilation of each competitors results in all of the Open events (Open Mixed Doubles and Intermediate events are excluded). Descending points are given for 1st through 80th place (40th for Doubles events). These points are totaled and the first place among both the Men and the Women are given the Overall awards along with the title, Overall Footbag Champion. Congratulations to Julie McClung and Allan Petersen. They are the 1994 Overall Footbag Champions!

Men's Overall Standings
Women's Overall Standings

If you would like all of the results, you can have a tar file that you can unpackage by doing a tar -xf {filename}. It will extract 20 files that contain the results of each event. Click here to get the tar file.

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Jim Curtis / jim_curtis@cup.hp.com