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This is my profile? I like wikis and I like footbag.

I am the membership director for IFPA.

No, this isn't your profile. This is the area reserved for talking about wiki-specific edits that you've made, etc. Or you can use it as a scrapbook area for yourself.

The + icon in Talk pages lets you add comments (for example, I put a Talk entry on the page you had created about 4-square, but instead of commenting on my comment by hitting the + sign, you actually edited my comment which was a little more confusing).

Of course, as I've said now probably 70 times since I launched the wiki, the "structured data" areas of are much more appropriate places to store things that can be used in various contexts (outside the scope of just the wiki). The member profile is one such bit of structured data.

Please continue to use (and link to) your member profile not your wiki Talk page and not your forum profile, as the way you link people to your online presence on (The profile then links for example automatically to your club, your events, your uploaded video, etc.)


Oh, never mind my comment about the + sign. That was Allan, not you. :-)



I understand now. Thanks.

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