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It's probably better to not create this page but rather to put whatever info you have for the event on the event listing itself. You really just want to create a wiki page if the information you are putting together is something that should be reusable by other people year after year. Or if you really need a wiki-style application to use to coordinate details among a bunch of folks; however I doubt that's the case here.

Secondly, I wouldn't use a shorthand abbreviation to name the page. Unlike groups (which I also offer, see ), you are supposed to name pages with the full name. So this page for example would be called, "NJ Spike n Shred" or "New Jersey Spike & Shred" or whatever.


This is probably a case where I should have aked first instead of asking forgiveness. The wiki format is good for storing information, and I want to do my planning using an online wiki so that Jon Schneider can help me out. If this is not allowed, then feel free to delete the page, the tournament is not dependent on it.

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