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Spinning Sets

This is a list of different spins. Each spin represents a Body Category additional degree of difficulty. Find other freestyle sets here.

Single Spins

  • Spinning / Back-Spinning
Spinning is typically set from a clipper stall or an outside kick (but can be set from other sets as well). After the set, the bag seems to travel behind the back (hence the term, "back-spinning") as the player pivots to spot the bag on the other side, and to position their body for the rest of the move (e.g., a down-time move from the falling set).
  • In-spinning
In-spinning means that the player spins the other direction from back-spinning, where the footbag seems to travel across the front of the player, and then behind them (generally thought to require more of a spin and more complex foot-work than back-spinning).
  • Gyro / Gyrating
Gyro (also known as "gyrating") is a specific type of back-spin move, wherein the setting foot (without being planted) does a dexterity immediately after the spin (usually mid-time). "Gyro" is actually the name of a move (now called "gyro butterfly", but originally just "gyro"), which is a prototype for this concept. The term "gyro" was usurped to mean "any move that fits the model of the move originally called gyro".
  • In-Gyro
In-Gyro is an in-spinning version of a gyro (wherein the player spins the other direction, but the dexterity is still done with the setting foot without a plant).
  • Spyro
  • Inspyro

Double Spins

  • Sonic
Double Back-Spinning
  • Insonic
Double Inspinning
  • Peeking
  • Inpeeking
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