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"Paradox" (pdx) is a term that applies to moves that have an extra body add due to a dexterity that is harder to do because of the set (which in the original add system is not supposed to be possible, hence the "paradox").

The reason paradox is considered a body add is that it requires the player to radically switch their body position as soon as they set (in the basic form) in order to simulate setting the footbag on the far side of the body.

Thus, paradox can be defined as a turn in the body that comes from doing far dexterities, wherein such turn pivots the body into the opposite cross-body position almost instantly.

  • Anytime after a far mirage;
  • Anytime after a far whirl;
  • After a far illusion, unless after it ends on a same side contact.For example, far illusion is paradox, as where far illusioning opposite clipper is not.

Steve Goldberg explains paradox here→

Chris -- I think we should put the paradox tutorial in the wiki; that was what I was hoping you'd do first (that and all the other materials on the old site). -Steve

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