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IFPA Newsletter - July, 2020

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Welcome to the IFPA Newsletter for July, 2020.

We are having a new round of the IFPA Newsletter. There is really a lot happening lately in the footbag world, even while many parts of the world are locked down. Good luck to everyone competing in the online Worlds event.

Look forward to kicking in the future! Daniel Boyle Education Director IFPA

Upcoming Events

This section will cover a variety of jams and tournaments around the world, taken from the events page on as well as other channels such as the Modified footbag forum as well as various social media platforms.

until August 1 - World Freestyle Footbag Championships

Thanks to the hard work of the Worlds team, we can still have an online event. Registration has now closed. There will be competition in Routines, Sick 3, Shred 30 and a video specific event called Shred Off. The finals will be streamed around the world on August 1. Among the competitors are reigning champion Vasek Klouda, three time champ Honza Weber, Polish powerhouse Pawel Nowak, as well as older names such as Scott Davidson and Dylan Fry.

Work continues on planning for Medellin, Colombia to host the World Footbag Championships in 2021. There is a strong contingent of Latin American players representing this year at Worlds. More information at Footbag Online

There have been a number of online competitions in recent months including Routines, Sick Links, Weird Tricks, Consecutive Kicks so there has still been plenty of opportunity to kick despite not being able to kick together.

Recent Events

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic there has not been much action for in person events, however there have been a number of great online events as mentioned above. More results will be in the next newsletter. I would like to give a big congratulations to Mathieu Gauthier for running the Spring Online Routine competition. He had a great routine and there were some awesome elements of presentation in the video. See more here.

Footbag in the News

Sebastian Ceballos from Medellin, Colombia appeared on the local TV news about his efforts in the online World Championships so far. He made is first appearance at Worlds last year and made a big impact, reaching the finals. There has been ongoing TV presence for footbag in these kind of articles which will be a really great chance for more promotion when Worlds is held there.

I have been working on a project on Modified, tracking down some of the older footbag articles. Footbag in the News - feel free to share any old articles, it's only the beginning of the project but there are some interesting articles in there.


There's been a lot of talk about IFPA recently and IFPA Executive Director Wiktor Debski has made some vlogs explaining the current situation and what's been happening in recent times. There will be a new election held for the positions of Rules Director and Executive Director. There is more information on the Front page of

I'm planning on bringing back a more regular newsletter to talk about footbag events and news from the IFPA, so stay tuned for more.

Daniel Boyle Education Director

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