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Hall of Fame Nomination Criteria

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Eligibility is based on Year of First Involvement (YFI) in the sport. YFI includes attending or organizing tournaments, promotion, festivals, etc.

As of 2008, new members of the Footbag Hall of Fame must have a YFI that is at least 15 years from the date of nomination. In other words, members must be involved with the sport for a minimum of 15 years to be nominated. Under these criteria, 1993 would be the first year of eligibility for 2008 nominees, 1994 for 2009 nominees, etc.

Nominations should be based on leadership as displayed by an individual, based on their innovation, inspiration, promotion, sponsorship, teaching, club development, tournament organization, international sport development, and demonstration that has significantly advanced the sport worldwide, past to present.

Anyone may nominate anyone to the nominations committee. The nomination committee will review all open nominations/testimonials, and announce the final ballot via announce at footbag dot org.

Induction based on a 66% majority vote by the Hall of Fame membership only on the final ballot. 66% of the actual vote received that year.

The final ballot will be limited to 6 nominees.

The final ballot will contain:

  • Those nominees who are determined to be eligible, and who receive the most new nominations/testimonials -- limited to 3 nominees.
  • The top 3 in final ballot voting from the previous year, 50% minimum, but not receiving a 66% majority vote. This "carry-over" has been a courtesy to those being honored by their nomination alone.
  • If there are fewer than 3 from either of the above two groups, they can be made up from the other group. For example, if there were only 2 "carry-over" nominations from the previous year, the top 4 new nominees will be added to the ballot this year (assuming all 4 nominees are eligible).

Note: It is the responsibility of the nominations committee to review and revise the criteria for nomination and induction eligibility. Any changes need to be announced to the HoF membership by January 31st. of the following year, and before any announcement is made to the footbag public.

Timeline for Nomination/Induction Process

1. Announcement of open nominations by April 15, with no more than 15 days for nominations (so nominations will close by April 30). Nominations/testimonials to be sent to the Nominations Committee Chairman via the method provided by the chairman and sent to the announcement list and posted on the forum. If possible, the public should be able to view the nominations and testimonials, so the chairman is encouraged to publish a web address or other method of giving the public visibility into the nominations before the close of the nomination period.

2. The Nominations Committee Chairman, will compile all of the yearly nominations/testimonials, and provide that information to the committee members by May 1st. The Nominations Committee will review, and then confirm those being eligible, and the top 5, immediately thereafter.

3. The Nomination Committee Chairman will announce to the HoF membership, and to the footbag community via announce, the final ballot by May 5th. This will be the last call to all for information to be sent to the committee members. The Nomination Committee Chairman will accept biographical information and/or other details for each nominee or the general public on behalf of that nominee no later than May 10th.

4. The Nominations Committee will request that the HoF membership announce their interest in attending any induction ceremony, if they will support and/or sponsor it, and where they want it held, at the start of voting. Volunteer members will then be responsible for coordinating any honors to the inductees, and a suitable, and available location. Preference should be that this induction celebration be coordinated with a major IFPA tournament, 1st preference being the World Championships.

5. The Nominations Committee Chairman will send out the final ballot, including all significant footbag biographical information, and testimonials, to all of the Footbag Hall of Fame membership no later than May 15th, with 7-10 days for voting to take place by May 25th at the absolute latest. Announcement of the final ballot will be done electronically via email to each member. IF the HoF member does not have a valid email address, or does not receive the e-mail, then it is the responsibility of the committee members to mail that information to that member via conventional mail. All HoF members are encouraged to keep their member profiles and contact information up to date.

6. The final tally of results must be received by the Chairman for recording by May 31. ALL votes received will be the confidential property of the Chairman only.

7. June - 1st week. The Chairman will announce the final ballot results via announce at, and within the Hall of Fame group. The chairman will be responsible for directly contacting those receiving the majority vote, hence their induction into The Footbag Hall of Fame. The Chairman will insure that all members have the contact information for each new inductee.

8. Induction celebration. Additions made to the Footbag Hall of Fame information on the website.

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