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Because there are many different sources of videos of individual tricks, this page attempts to consolidate all the individual links for quick access.

Move Name Other Names Adds Job's Notation Video
1 Add Moves - Top
Head Stall [del] head 1
Forehead Stall [del] forehead 1
Inside Stall [del] inside 12
Outside Stall [del] outside 12
Shoulder stall [del] shoulder 1
Toe stall [del] toe 12
2 Add Moves - Top
Anchor Weird cross body outside delay [xbd][del] anchor 1
Axle late toe stall 1
Clipper [xbd][del] clip 12
Dragon Cross body outside delay [xbd][del] dragon 1
Dragonfly miraging flying inside 1
Flying clipper 1
Illusion 1
Mirage [dex][del] toe>op in>op toe 123
Mirage (near) Clipper Set Mirage [dex][del] clip>op in>op toe 1
Pickup [dex][del] toe>op in>same toe 12
Pincher 1
Shin stall [uns][del] shin 1
Twitch Reverse swirl near toe [dex][del] clip>same swirl(forward)>op toe 1
3 Add Moves - Top
Barrage double mirage 1
Diving clipper 1
Double pickup 1
Double switch 1
Drifter 1
Ducking clipper 1
Ducking Legover [bod][dex][del] clip>duck>same out>same toe 1
Eclipse [bod][del][xbd] eclipse 1
Eggbeater 1
Eggplant Atomic Legover [dex][dex][del] toe>op out>op out>same toe 1
Flapper Cross body sole stall [xbd][uns][del] flapper 1
Grifter [dex][xbd][del] clip>op out>same clip 1
Gyro Clipper [bod][xbd][del] clip>spin(back)>op clip 1
Inspinning clipper far spinning clipper 1
Near Butterfly Same Side Butterfly [dex][xbd][del] clip>op out>op clip 1
Osis [bod][xbd][del] set>spin>near clip 12
Paradox Illusion [dex][pdx][del] clip>op out>op toe 1
Paradox Mirage [dex][pdx][del] clip>same in>op toe 1
Stepping near clipper Stepping Clipper [dex][xbd][del] clip>op in>op clip 1
Rake 1
Spinning clipper 1
Swirl 1
Symple swirl 1
Symple twist 1
Symposium illusion 1
Symposium mirage 1
Symposium Twitch [bod][dex][del] clip>symp swirl (forward)>op toe 1
Twist reverse swirl 1
Wauxpin Butterfly axle [dex][bod][del] clip>same out>spin(back)>op toe 1
Whip reverse whirl 1
Whip Axle [dex][bod][del] clip>op out>spin (back)>op toe 1
Whirl 1
4 Add Moves - Top
Backside Smear Pixie Symposium Mirage [dex][dex][bod][del] toe>same in>symp op in>op toe 1
Bat Boat Sailing Batman, Pixie atomic Batman [dex][dex][uns][del] toe>same in>op out>op Batman 1
Blender 1
Double down 1
Double swirl 1
Double whirl 1
Dyno 1
Fairy Butterfly Shut Down [dex][dex][xbd][del] toe>same out>op out>op clip 1
Flurry barraging switch [dex][dex][dex] clip>op in>same in>op out>same toe 1
Flux 1
Fume Fairy Drifter [dex][dex][xbd][del] toe>same out>op in>same clip 1
Legbeater Atomic Butterfly [dex][dex][xbd][del] toe>op out>op out>op clip 1
Refraction 1
Spinning ducking clipper 1
Spinning Osis [bod][bod][xbd][del] clip>spin(back)>op osis 1
Stepping near whirl [dex][dex][xbd][del] clip>op in>same in>op clip 1
Symposium whip 1
Symposium whirl 1
Swirling Paradox Mirage [dex][dex][pdx][del] clip>swirl(back)>same in>op toe 1
Toe Blur Quantum Mirage [dex][dex][xdex][del] toe>op in>op in>op toe 1
Torque 1
Twirl 1
5 Add Moves - Top
Gyro weaving osis [bod][bod][bod][xbd][del] clip>spin(back)>duck>same osis 1
Motion [dex][dex][bod][xbd][del] clip>op out>same out>same osis 12
Paradon Swirl double down swirl [dex][dex][dex][xbd][del] toe>op out>same out>op swirl(back)>same clip 12
Phoenix Pixie Ducking Butterfly [dex][bod][dex][xbd][del] toe>same in>duck>op out>op clip 1
Predator Atomic Double Legover [dex][dex][xdex][dex][del] toe>op out>op in>op out>same toe 1
Quantum DLO Toe Fog [dex][dex][xdex][dex][del] toe>op in>op in>op out>same toe 1
Quantum Eggbeater Toe Bedwetter [dex][dex][xdex][dex][del] toe>op in>op out>op out>same toe 1
Sumo Nuclear Mirage [dex][dex][pdx][xdex][del] clip>same out>op in>op toe 1
Surfing near mirage fairy symposium swirling near mirage [dex][dex][bod][dex][del] toe>same out>op symp swirl(back)>op in>op toe 1
Symposium Twirl 1
Symposium Whirling Swirl [bod][dex][dex][xbd][del] clip>symp op in>op swirl (back)>same clip 1
Vertigo Ducking paradox drifter [bod][dex][pdx][xbd][del] clip>duck>same in>op clip 1
6 Add Moves - Top
Blurry Torque stepping far torque [dex][dex][pdx][bod][xbd][del] clip>op in>op in>op osis 1
Mindbender Ducking Paradox Blender [bod][dex][pdx][bod][xbd][del] clip>duck>same in>same osis 1
Stepping Ducking Solstice [dex][bod][bod][xbd][uns][del] clip>op in>duck>op sole osis 1
Whirlwind Spinning PS Whirl [bod][dex][bod][pdx][xbd][del] clip>spin(back)>symp op in>op clip 1
7 Add Moves - Top
Blurry Symposium Torque stepping far symposium torque [dex][dex][bod][pdx][bod][xbd][del] clip>op in>symp op in>op osis 1
Ducking Symposium Torque [bod][dex][bod][pdx][bod][xbd][del] clip>duck>symp same in>op osis 1
Gauntlet Stepping Ducking Paradox Torque [dex][bod][dex][pdx][bod][xbd][del] clip>op in>duck>op in>op osis 1
Sailing torque Pixie atomic torque [dex][dex][dex][xdex][bod][xbd][del] toe>same in>op out>op in>op osis 1
8 Add Moves - Top
9 Add Moves - Top
10 Add Moves - Top
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