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  • Choreographed Freestyle Routines Judging Sheets - Olympic-Style Judging sheets for singles Singles (AI,TM) and for Doubles (AI,TM,CO)Created by Steve Goldberg (US).
  • Choreographed Freestyle Routines Judging Software - Here is a complex tool for running Choreographed Freestyle Routines competition using Olympic-Style Judging System. This is an Excel file, which helps to do players' seeding, make pools, print ready-to-use judging sheets, put judging scores and calculate results. Note that maximum number of players is limited to 64. The software does not do round-to-round seeding, so every round you have to create new file. Created by Vojta Polak (CZ).
  • Circle Contest Judging Sheets - The printable version of valid judging sheets. Note that according to Circle Contest rules you can run this event using 1 or 2 Phases. Download correct sheets here:1 Phaseor2 Phases
  • Circle Contest Result Summary - Here is an Excel file that calculates score of all Judges from 2 phases within one single Circle. It shows detailed results in each phase. Note that the final ranking has to be done manually according to total score. Created by Wiktor Debski (PL).
  • Shred30 Judging Sheets - Here is the MS Excel file which calculates the results of Shred30 competition based on the official IFPA formula.
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